If you’re looking for a place that will help you create your dream garage here in the Farmingdale, NJ, area, then you can count on EncoreGarage. With our skilled designers, numerous services, and speedy installations, we’ll have your garage all spruced up in no time.

Life in Farmingdale NJ

Though this may be a small community housing just 1,329 residents, it really is a pleasure to live in Farmingdale, NJ. Not only are the homes beautiful, but there’s plenty of fun to be had, too.

Farmingdale is well known for Allaire State Park. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll love the numerous trails and groves throughout Allaire.

Afterwards, there’s several great restaurants to enjoy. Our new favorite might just be HARVEST, which offers locally-sourced, seasonal dishes.

When you return home from these excursions, don’t you want to walk into something special? Perhaps your dream garage right here in Farmingdale, NJ? Well, you’ll want to talk to our team then…

Garage Enhancements

Garage2Is your garage looking a little drab lately? Despite its sometimes more utilitarian uses, there’s no reason why it should be relegated to a storage unit and little else. On the contrary, your garage should be a fashionable extension of the rest of your home.

When you’re looking to score your dream garage here in the Farmingdale area, we have plenty of solutions to help you do so. Here are some of our favorites.

Organization System

Gridwalls, slatwalls, and overhead organizational systems can help to reduce clutter just by rearranging. Instead of getting rid of all your stuff, just find a new place for it with these easy-to-use and reconfigurable organization systems.

When your needs change, so do the accessories. Move or add in new hooks and shelves so that there’s always a place for your belongings.


If you’d prefer to stow away some more private items, our cabinetry is a great choice. This should hide everything away comfortably. And thanks to the many finishes available, they’ll add a bit of style, as well.


GarageFloorGarage flooring shouldn’t be an unsightly morass of stains and cracks. With our epoxy-coated floors, some coming with reflector coating or flake finishes, your floors can easily weather chemicals and elements. And they’ll look good while doing so!

Our Process

When it comes time to enhance your garage here in the Farmingdale, NJ, area, our team won’t just offer installation. We’ll offer a keen eye for design, as well.

We’re happy to visit your home for a free consultation. Just get in touch, and we’ll swing by to take a look at things and hash out some ideas.

Afterwards, we’ll put together a design and an estimate. If you like what you hear, we’ll promptly arrange your start date.

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When Farmingdale, NJ, homeowners want to transform their garage into a true dream garage, all they have to do is contact our team. We’ll make sure that your garage is as stylish and comfortable as the rest of your home.

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