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What can I use for garage walls?

Why do you need to cover the garage walls?

Most often people ask why they need to cover their garage walls, the very answer for this is that you either need wall space or your garage is too dark and you want to lighten it up. Whereas, some homeowners may need to cover their garage walls since the market price of their home will eventually increase due to having a nice and presentable garage. 

A garage is a place that may sound like it is not a place that you can visit often in fact it is the place where you are storing most of your household gears and some business-related things. That is why you must have a garage that looks spacious and clean to you and the buyers. 

Options that you can utilize for garage walls 

For the interior walls of the garages, drywall is a common choice for everyone, but it may not be the option. The drywalls have a little impact on the resistance and it also lowers the moist resistance that can make your garage look untidy and a place where you may not want to store your things. After a few years, the interior walls of your garage may be full of holes and nicks, both may turn black. This will not only make you uncomfortable while storing gears but the market price of your home will also be affected. 

There are several options for you that you can utilize for your garage walls and make them usable for you. 

Use of mental panels 

The mental panels sure are expensive but if you are looking for garage walls that can provide you with a lot of benefits then investing in such things surely is worthy. 

  • They are fire resistant. 
  • The shiny look of the panels tends to brighten up the dark place.

Use of pegboards 

To keep the clutter off of the floor of your garage, the use of pegboards is the perfect option. The pegboards can also be used as walls. Or you can also put them on the top of the drywall with the aid of a furring strip. This tends to ensure that there is enough space for hooks to hang behind the pegboards. 

  • Measure the proportion where you will be hanging your certain gears. 
  • Outline the space that you have measured with the help of a permanent marker. 
  • Write the names of gears that you are going to hang so that you know where you are going to hang a certain gear. 

Use of slat-walls 

The slat-wall panels are made up of fiberboard of medium density. They look like vinyl siding a little and also tend to have overlapping layers that make them more convenient. The slats provide an opportunity for attaching the shelves, magnetic bars, and hooks easily. These panels can easily be attached to drywalls and wooden studs. 

Use of fiberboard

The most suitable type of garage wall is hardboard since it has different densities and the material required for it is wooden chips that can prove to be very strong, easy to install, and clean. It is a typical ¼-inch thick sheet. 

  • It has lightweight. 
  • It is easy to staple on the studs. 
  • It has a smooth surface which you can use for certain purposes. 

The thickness of the pegboards and the fiberboards are the same. If you are installing these on a layer of soundproof fiberboard then the noise that has been created in the garage will stay within the garage. 

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