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Transforming your garage into a multi-purpose space

Transforming your garage into a multi-purpose space

A garage is a space where you can store most of your household materials. Organizing a garage is indeed a complicated and challenging task. But to ease your worries, encore garage has ways to help you maintain your garage without feeling tired.

Garage: How do garages add value to one’s house?

The garage is one of the most critical places in the territory of a person. But this place is often forgotten by house owners as it is not frequently visited. During renovating the house, one tends to forget how important it is to renovate the space containing all your gear and essential material.

  • Garages tend to raise the overall price of the house. This tends to help one sell their home at a better price and benefit more than the actual cost.
  • Garages are essential for people working there, such as car mechanics, because of which it is vital to keep your garage well-maintained and organized.

How can you transform your garage into a multi-purpose space?

Before building, you should decide how to use the space that will become your garage. One last thing to consider is how this connects to the rest of the house. It is, therefore, more practical to transform a garage into a workspace or recreation area than into a utility.

Zoning areas should be researched.

The garage must be converted per all local laws and construction codes. As the popularity of short-term rentals has grown, there have been calls for a ban on converting garages into living quarters in some areas.

Garage conversions may be subject to municipal regulations, even if you don’t intend to share or rent out the new area. Ample off-street parking may be necessary if a garage is not an option.

Adjustment of finance

Converting a garage into a habitable area will always be an expensive endeavor. It’s better to consider it a less expensive way to expand your living space. If you hire professionals, you can spend $20,000-$50,000 on a garage makeover.

Make the door area wider.

Enlarging the doorway between the home and the garage may facilitate more effortless movement between the two buildings. Double the door’s width by extending a stronger beam over the header, if the house’s footprint permits, to create the impression of a larger, more open room.

Install cabinets and shelves.

  • Installing cabinets and shelves tends to increase your garage’s storage. In this way, you can store more things in your closet.
  • The more the wall space is utilized, the more organized and maintained your garage looks.

Raise the floor of the garage.

Garage flooring is typically lowered by 18 inches from the rest of the house. For reasons of both safety and aesthetics, it’s a good idea to employ a raised or sleeper system to elevate the garage to the same level as the rest of the home.

Improve the exterior

Many people pay less attention to the garage’s outside once it has been renovated than the interior. If you work with an architect, the garage conversion will look more natural and less out of place. Depending on the garage door opening size, this might require substantial fascia modifications.

Separate the driveway

A road that stops abruptly at a wall is the most telling evidence that this space was previously a garage. If you do away with the garage door, the driveway will need to be shortened so that it does not touch the structure.

Remove the remaining few feet of brick or concrete to create a way for a flower and shrub bed. This little wall separates the garage from the driveway visually.

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