Garage Flooring and More: Ideas to Spice up Your SpaceWhen you look at your garage, you may see a holding space for gardening tools, sporting equipment, and various knickknacks you haven’t gotten around to cleaning out yet. However, if your garage is just a place you have to pass through to get to the “real house,” you’re walking right by a lot of potential.

At EncoreGarage, we see that potential, and want to help you spice up your space and turn it into an extension of your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township home. Who knows, our tips for garage flooring and more may just make your garage your favorite room in the house!

1.Add a Splash of Color with Unique Garage Flooring

When you’re spicing up your garage, high-quality flooring is essential. Not only will epoxy-based floor coatings make the space easy to clean, UV and moisture resistant, and resilient to chipping, but it can also add a nice pop of color. With a flake finish, you can combine your favorite colors to make a unique and personalized statement.

You can choose pre-made blends like Blue Ice, Mojave, or Red Graphite, or make your own! For some extra flash and flare, try reflector garage flooring. This system uses three or four layers to seal in protection and create a sense of movement.

2.Keep Items off the Garage Floor

After you’ve spiced up your garage flooring with a fresh coat of paint, you’ll want to clear up floor space to truly admire your work. Install overhead storage racks to utilize every inch of your garage.

Overhead storage can easily give you back up to 112 cubic feet of space for any other DIY projects you may want to tackle. You can also put your favorite set of wheels on display and hang your bike on the wall where it can be safe from any ground moisture.

3.Create a Wall-Mounted Work Area

Garage Flooring and More: Ideas to Spice up Your SpaceWith slatwall or gridwall organizers, you can easily maximize your wall space to create a customized work bench, crafting table, or anything else! Slatwall organizers are versatile and can be rearranged as necessary to meet your changing needs. Hang your wrench, hammer, scissors, and even a wall-mounted tape dispenser easily within reach and get to work!

4.Create Designated Zones

Once your garage is organized, you’ll want to keep it that way, so be sure to separate your space into zones. For example, store your kids’ toys, baseball gloves, and roller blades in one cabinet, and keep your rake, broom, and gardening shears in another.

Make a clear designation, and add a touch of personality, by color-coding the cabinets with colors like Bed Rock, Blue Stone, and Breakwater.

You can choose among several types of cabinets to meet your aesthetic. Choose our Signature Series cabinets with wood finishes like Ore, Bluff, and Mocha. Stainless steel cabinets add an extra dose of utility, while powder-coated cabinets create a highly durable finish.

Spice Up Your Space with Garage Flooring and More!

If you want to hear more ideas for how to spice up your space, contact EncoreGarage and we can tell you about our garage flooring solutions and more. We’ll happily swing by your Parsippany-Troy Hills, Farmingdale, or Wall Township area home for a free consultation and supply you with a 3D CAD design for your approval.

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