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Do you want to know the real reason why so many garages in the Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township areas are underutilized? It’s not for lack of trying on the homeowner’s part, that’s for sure. It’s just that many homeowners don’t have the space that they need.

If you’re looking to free up room in the garage, there’s no need to rent a storage unit or have a yard sale. All you need to do is reorganize. Luckily, the EncoreGarage team is going to show you how our SlatWall system can help you do just that.

The SlatWall Organizer Creates Extra Floor Space

Is your garage looking a bit cluttered? Maybe you have boxes in every corner, or sporting equipment taking up floor space? It’s certainly frustrating to have so much gear and so few places to put it. However, this is exactly what the SlatWall Organizers were designed for.

The idea behind the SlatWall system is to take all those items you have sitting on the ground and to arrange them neatly on the wall. With all of that out of the way, you’ll have plenty of floor space to make perfect use of your garage.

Organization Meets Versatility

The SlatWall Organizer is just that: a slatted wall that homeowners can install above work benches, inside of cabinets, or on just about any substantial stretch of open space.

For an added touch of style, our SlatWalls come in six different colors (either a smooth satin finish or graining for a wood-like finish). This way, they’ll look just as trendy as they are handy.

There are numerous accessories you can buy to help organize your SlatWall. Baskets, hooks, and racks are the most common accessories. However, you may also want to add a fire extinguisher or first aid kit attachment, perhaps even some safety mirrors.

With so many different attachments and even more ways of arranging them, the possibilities are nearly endless. Since they’re not permanent, you can change them at any time, depending on the season or your personal needs.

Simple & Timely SlatWall Organizer Installation

The process of installing your SlatWall Organizer is an exceptionally simple one, and it all starts with a phone call. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll set up a free in-home consultation as soon as possible.

Once you’ve met with a member or our team and have determined what it is that you’d like, we’ll come up with quotes and a firm timeline. As for the latter, we’re strict on time estimates. If we tell you we intend to start on a certain day, we won’t waffle. From there, everything should be completely finished within two to three weeks.

Reorganize Your Garage with the SlatWall System

If the clutter keeps building in your garage, there’s no need to fret. At EncoreGarage, we have a simple solution for you: the SlatWall Organizer. All Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township homeowners can contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!



Slatwall Garage Wall Organizers System Available in 6 Finish Colors

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