New Jersey Custom Garage Installer

Organizing and Creating Custom Garages with a High Quality Polished Result

EncoreGarage  is a premium New Jersey Custom Garage Installer and Design professional.  We create custom spaces using only high grade materials. Our team of garage professionals are trained and experienced with every type of modification and improvement.

We take the time to focus on your main goals, both visually and practically. Every customer has a different need and want and we respect your vision. EncoreGarage of New Jersey has talented staff members that are able to create solutions to even the most challenging of configurations.  Each custom designed room that we create has a story. Out team takes a very personal approach to constructing and implementing the best arrangement for your home or business. It is not just a business to us, it is our passion.


Garage Organization: Products and Design

Our main objective is to deliver a polished, efficient room or space. We leverage every inch of allowable space to present our customers with different organizational products to choose from. As a full service NJ garage contractor, we offer many types of organizational solutions:

  • EpoNew Jersey Custom Garage Installer - garage organizersxy Flooring Coatings and Finishes
  • High Quality Garage Cabinets in NJ
  • Wall Organizing Applications such as Gridwall and Slatwall
  • Organizational Containers such as bins, shelving and hooks
  • Bike Lifts and Bicycle Racks
  • Overhead Storage and more


New Jersey Custom Garage Installer –  Custom Garage Design

When a customer hears the word “custom”, they tend to think of expensive. Sure, we have the capability to design a showroom quality space, but that is not all we do. Our team of designers will match your taste as well as your budget. Our extensive experience permits us the ability to custom tailor a  solution that makes sense. We look at the practical uses and your specific needs to come up with a plan.

New Jersey Custom Garage Installer

Customers Deserve Quality Custom Garages 

Our products have been designed and tested specifically for this space. Regardless of trade, hobby or use, you can rely on our level of quality. We believe that customers deserve the best and this is what we deliver.


NJ Garage Company

Garage Cabinets – All of our NJ garage cabinets have been modified and designed for that environment. They are superior to any other on the market. We not only sell, but also install many styles and finishes including:

-Signature Series

-Embossed Stainless Series

-Exotic Metal Cabinets

-Laminate Series

-Powder Coated Series


EncoreGarage™ Flooring - our advanced flooring system consists of the mnost advanced polymers on the market.  Our finishes range from basic flooring coating to elaborate finishes. All of our garage floors are resistant to stains, chemical spills, shatters, impact and abrasions,


EncoreGarage™ Organizers – Our line of organizing products are far too numerous to list. If you need something to put it in, hang it on, store it over, protect it from or organize it- we have it!


New Jersey Custom Garage Installer

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