Has your garage been feeling a bit cluttered lately? If you’re looking to free up some space and give the room a fresh look, the answer isn’t just to sell off your things. All you really have to do is reorganize. When Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township homeowners need assistance reorganizing their garage, they can always count on the EncoreGarage team. Just read through this article to learn more.

First: New Cabinetry

The key principle to organization is simply to find a place for all your belongings—a place that isn’t taking up space on your floor. storage 4 Cabinets are a wonderful way to reorganize. Not only can you neatly segment items into their own cubbies and drawers, but you can stow them out of sight, too. That ought to provide you with a little bit more privacy than before. At our garage enhancement company, we offer cabinets in numerous sizes. Some are floating, and others go from floor to ceiling. And they come in plenty of different finishes, too:

  • Our Signature Series cabinets have a clean and modern look them. They can add a bit of simplicity to your garage.
  • The Embossed Stainless Series cabinets have a bit more shine to show. Likewise, they have something of a more industrialized look, perfect for home workshops.
  • With the Power Coated Series, you have the option of finishing your cabinets in bright colors as well as muted gray tones. These can be a really eye-catching addition.
  • The Exotic Metal and Laminate Series cabinets have a bit more of a unique look to them. If you’d prefer something different, this is it.

Then: Storage Hooks & Racks

storage 7 For a more versatile type of organizational storage, we offer a few different wall systems.:

  • SlatWall Storage
  • GridWall Storage
  • Overhead Storage Racks

These are a very simple solution. All we have to do is affix the walls of your garage with a series of slats or grids. From here, you can adorn them with hooks, baskets, racks, and other accessories, perfect for hanging and reorganizing on a whim. The biggest boon of these systems is that you can change them whenever you need to. It’s very easy to move your accessories to a different location or to add new ones to accommodate new items. That versatility can really come in handy.

Finally: Car Lifts

Last but not least, our team can also install car lifts in your garage. Quite simply, the purpose of this feature is to lift your car off the floor. If you have a car that you’re looking to protect from harm (say little ones and teens), the lift places the vehicle safely out of reach. Of course, this also makes room for a second parking spot underneath. Thus, you’ll free up even more space on the other side of the garage floor.

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