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How to maximize storage in a small garage 

Why do you need to maximize storage in a small garage?

Homeowners do not pay much attention to the garages since they are not so frequently visited places of the houses. But in reality, the garage holds most of the important household things. We can use the garage to store mechanical and domestic gears. All the household things that need to be stored in one place can always be found in the garage. 

If your garage is small and you have stored almost all of your mechanical and seasonal gears in there then your garage may have a messy and unorganized outlook and very less space will be left for your car to be parked. 

If you want to maximize your small garage storage space then we have some ideas that can help you to keep your clean and organized with maximum space. 

Install Garage Cabinets 

If your garage doesn’t have a cabinet system and you have been storing your tools and other things in boxes that are usually kept on the floor then it is the right time for you to install a cabinetry system in your garage. Cabinets are a must for every garage. Installing a decent cabinetry system in your garage will give you maximum storage space and an organized garage. 

Use wall organizers 

The walls of your garage are great for maximizing the storage space. Aside from garage cabinets, you can also install wall organizers since you can hang anything on them and it will help you keep the clutter off of the floor. This will help you to save floor space and will easy for you clean and will keep things visible for one.

Addition of ceiling storage

  • When you have no more wall space then you should utilize your overhead space. This will help you keep the things in order and visible which makes them easier to find. 
  • Install overhead-mounted racks so that you can have ceiling storage. 

This tends to be perfect for storing seasonal gears and they become easy to see and store. The addition of ceiling storage keeps the clutter away from the floor space. 

A folding working bench

If you or someone in your house uses the garage as a workplace, then installing a folding working bench is the best option. It will save some space and is also very convenient. You should opt for the wall-mounted folding working benches because they can be unfolded anytime you may have to sit and can be folded again when the work is done. 

Magnetic bars for small garage tool parts 

  • Install magnetic bars for storing metallic gears so that they can be found when you are in hurry to find them. 
  • While working you may have to put your keys somewhere, since the keys can get lost easily, stick them to the magnetic bar so that you can easily take them back after you are done. 

Tie the wires and keep them in one place 

  • If you have a lot of wires then they need to be tied up and kept in one place so that they do not cause any harm. Tying them with paper clips or zip ties can keep them in order. 
  • Keep them in one specific drawer so that you can find the wires easily at a certain place. 

Upgrade to hooks and pegboards

You can always use your wall space and they are the best solution when it comes to saving up space. Opt for racks and also use pegboards alongside them this will give your garage a clean and presentable look. You can also use hooks to hang some old keys and other things that come to your mind. 

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