Often, when homeowners in the Farmingdale and Parsippany-Troy Hills areas begin to reorganize or design their garage, they realize how much stuff is really in there. In our professional experience, when you start sorting through it all, very little of it actually ends up in the “keep” pile.

That’s when homeowners begin wondering how to host their own garage sale in the Wall Township area. Luckily, EncoreGarage has a few tips and tricks for holding a successful garage sale and letting your old keepsakes become someone else’s treasure.

1.Check your Local Laws

When planning to host your own garage sale, make sure to check with your township about any laws regarding permits and signage. For example, in Wall Township, you don’t need to obtain a permit, however, signage needs to be kept in your front lawn.

Every township is different, so contact your township officials first to learn about the laws in your area.

2.Advertise Your Sale

Fill Out Garage Sale Permit PaperworkIf your township allows it, put signs up around your neighborhood the night before to get people excited about your garage sale. Make sure your signs are easy to read and eye-catching. Make them simple so that people can read them as they drive by.

Make sure you aren’t posting them on any utility poles, and remember to ask local business’ permission before hanging signs on the premises. You can also advertise online by posting on various yard-sale related message boards or even Craigslist!

3.Day, Time, Location

You want people to be able to drive by and see that your sale is going on. If your home is not in a well-traveled area, ask a friend or family member if you can set up shop in their garage.

Also, select a time of day that’s going to get you a lot of foot traffic. Saturdays from 7 AM to 11 AM tend to be the most successful for yard sales, but a different day or time might work better for you.

4.Organize Your Merchandise

A key element to a successful garage sale is how it’s organized. Start by placing big-ticket items where people can see them from the street. This will make them more likely to stop and check out what else you have.

Do your best to organize your merchandise in a way that’s nice to look at and easy to browse. Have your clothes out on a rack, not piled in a box for shoppers to pick through. If it looks like a store (or maybe even a boutique!) shoppers will be more likely to buy.

5.Be a Good Host

Organize Garage Sale MerchandiseMake your guests feel welcome while they’re shopping at your sale. Offer them lemonade or other refreshments like popcorn or cookies. Also, think about what your customers need. If you’re selling clothes, hats, or sunglasses, make sure a mirror’s handy. If you’re selling anything electronic, have a power strip or extension cord available so they can plug it in and see how the item works.

6.Accept Electronic Payments

Many people don’t carry much, if any, cash in their pockets anymore, so accepting credit cards can help guarantee more sales. Credit card apps are easy to download on your phone, or you can use online services like PayPal or Zelle® to accept payments.

Good Luck Hosting Your Garage Sale!

If you have any other questions about how to host your own garage sale—or want any tips for how to clear out clutter in your garage and turn your space into a beautiful, useful extension of your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township home—contact EncoreGarage and we can get you set up with a consultation.

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