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Garage Wall Ideas that will Improve Your Garage Look


Your garage is as important as your living room.

70% of individuals consider their garage more than a parking space for an automobile; I know of a friend who uses hers as a workout center therefore it’s only wise to spruce it up.

If you’ve been contemplating what garage wall ideas will add vivavoom to its appearance then you’re in the right place. See your garage wall as an empty canvas and everything you would be reading in this article as design ideas – of course, the garage floor and ceiling require insulation already.

This blog is targeted to inspire you with innovative garage wall ideas that will make your garage appear bigger, snatching you from the regular spaces.

5 Garage Wall Ideas that Will Improve Your Garage Look

These garage wall ideas will enable you to dismiss years-long debris on the garage floor, maximize the garage wall storage systems and ease eye cluttering:

  • Add garage wall insulation.
  • Drywall your garage. 
  • Paint the garage wall.
  • Light’em up.

#1. Add Garage Wall Ideas Insulation

The basics of room aesthetics hold that you begin with wall insulation and that’s exactly what you should be doing after the builders are done and out.

Don’t undermine garage wall insulation, you need it to trap in heat energy when things get colder and you need to regulate temperature with it to get toasty, and garage wall insulation does that without asking. 

You’re free not to add garage wall insulation, however, be set to pay more for energy and gas because you’ll be losing heat than you should and your air conditioner will work hard during high temperatures and you may freeze in the cold.

If you ponder what the best garage insulator is, then are the most commonly used types of garage wall insulation: fibreglass batts, spray foam insulation, and blow-in cellulose insulation

My advice? Get an expert to inspect your garage wall, there you’ll Know whether your garage wall comes insulated, you’ll need an upgrade.

Remember it’s best practice to insulate your garage windows and door(s).

#2. Drywall Your Garage

How would you describe a wall – any wall having the circuit line sticking out after the finishing? Awkward and eyesores.

Well, that’s why you should add drywall to cover up under construction and make for a smooth surface for a finishing touch that’s truly appealing to the eyes.

Drywalling your garage wall wouldn’t be a big deal because it is quite easy to install, however, it requires a certain skill level to get it right and you need to hire a professional. 

Beyond aesthetic appreciation, drywall is cost-effective, improves a home’s energy efficiency, and gives more flexibility to decorating your garage walls and adding storage systems

#3. Paint your Garage Wall

If you were tailing on the tips you would know that the next thing is to paint your garage wall. Paintings are purely for aesthetic rewards as they should, else you may find your garage wall unpleasant and therefore uncomfortable staying in it. 

Kindly pick colors that compliment your cars and reflect your personality.

PS: Consider your cabinet colors when choosing paint colors.

A pro tip: Bright colors reflect more light making your garage space appear bigger and you’ll feel calm and comfortable in your garage.

Neutral colors like beige, tan, and grey are known colors to give you that spruce impression. 

#4. Light’em Up

This may sound ridiculously obvious – like “What should I be doing if not adding lights to my garage?” Well, I mean installing wall lighting, yeah, that’s it.

This is purely for decorative purposes but over the years it has turned out to be a major source of ambiance complementing the overhead garage storage system lighting.

Get creative with it, you can add lights such as LED ribbon lighting below slatwall panels for dramatic entry and inviting sights.

These lights usually come up when the garage door is open or you can have it remote bound. Once again, it won’t hurt to be creative here.

#5. Install Slatwall Storage Systems

It’s time to get your garage living up to its purpose by serving as a storage system. However, you may want to give your garage that finishing look and at the same time serve as versatile storage systems and slatwall panels serve all that.

The PVC slatwall is the best garage storage system because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and water-resistant. The slatwall picks up items from your garage floor to the wall. You’ll get rearranged and organized garage space.

Adding to that, go for hooks, racks, baskets, bins, and shelves, this wall-hanging system helps to keep your garage organized and maximize its storage space.

Although the Slatwall panels are prime for garage wall storage systems you’re sure of some decorative benefits such as:

Here are some Slatwall decorative garage wall features:

  • It covers awkward garage spaces.
  • Slatwall is compatible with open drywall space
  • ribbon lighting is best on Slatwall, it catches the senses and adds ambiance to the garage.  


What is the cheapest garage wall idea?

There are tons of options out there. However, install shiplap garage walls, they’re durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. It’s a good shot for your money. 

What is the best finishing material to use on my garage wall?

Add drywall to your garage wall and you’ll be proud you did. It makes everything fall in place such as painting and installing garage wall storage systems.


No doubt the garage is becoming a miniature resort either for quiet time, hobby space, or a getaway spot. It’s only normal that you give it similar care as you do in your other space.

There are hundreds of ideas that will bring out the life in your garage and all these ideas are focused on the garage wall because the garage wall carries most items.

That doesn’t dismiss the garage floors and ceilings, at least you should insulate both garage floors and ceilings to save energy and cost cost.

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