Garage Organization Wall Township NJ

After spending a day at work, running errands, or playing a round at Spring Meadow Golf Course, you want to pull your car into a clean garage. On the other hand, you may want to hang out in that room, instead, whether to work out or finish up a home DIY project.

No matter what the garage is used for, it should be kept organized at all times. If you need assistance with that, the team at EncoreGarage is available.

We provide lots of methods for garage organization near Wall Township, NJ. Learn about some of them below, then contact us to get started!

Versatile Garage Organizers

Garage Organization Wall Township NJ

Our company offers convenient ways to find items quickly in your garage. That’s because we have organizers that you can use however you want.

First, we carry Gridwall Organizers, which contain different notches and slots for baskets or hooks. One comes standard in a 4-ft by 2-ft configuration, but you can add more grids individually or in groupings, depending on your needs.

We also have SlatWall Organizers, which consist of a slatted wall that you can install on any substantial stretch of open space. Like the Gridwall, the SlatWall is designed to fit baskets, hooks, racks, and other accessories onto it.

Both organizers are quite versatile in the way that you can arrange items. They can hold many attachments, so there are nearly endless ways to keep everything organized. Plus, the setups aren’t permanent. So, if you want to hang a ski rack in the winter and switch it out for a bike rack in the summer, it’s a breeze to do so.

Sleek & Clean-Looking Cabinets

In addition to these organizers, we have cabinets to keep certain objects neatly tucked away. They come in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Embossed Stainless Steel
  • Exotic Metal
  • Powder Coated

Plus, with color options like Copper Blaze, Mocha, and Bistro Walnut, you’ll have cabinets that look stunning while still being highly functional.

Cabinet FAQs

Garage Organization

Our garage cabinets are made from a commercial-grade high-compression wood core and thermally fused melamine laminate surface materials. In other words, you’re getting cabinets that won’t peel, bubble, or discolor. Plus, they’re easy to clean, ensuring you have shiny cabinets that’ll last a long time.

These cabinets are quite durable, too. They have ¾-inch thickness for all vertical components, and 1-inch thickness for the tops, bottoms, and shelves. The latter is 50 percent thicker than standard cabinets, making these garage-grade and standing apart from other systems.

Furthermore, we have the ability to install cabinets as large as 48 inches wide and 90 inches tall. This is ideal for storing larger, bulkier items. These fixtures don’t require any center support, either. As a result, you have greater access to store and remove your items.

Get an Organized Garage near Wall Township NJ

Above are actually just some of the many organizational systems that EncoreGarage provides. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll come out to your home and list ways to get your garage all nice and tidy.

Don’t wait. Obtain an organized garage near Wall Township, NJ, today!