Garage Organization Mount Laurel NJ

Garage OrganizationThe garage is frequently the first room you walk into from the outside. It’s also a space that’s often used for storage. Because of these two facts, you want to make sure you have enough room for your belongings while also keeping the place nicely organized.

At EncoreGarage, we provide top-quality garage organization near Mount Laurel, NJ. From adaptable organizational systems to sleek and clean cabinets, we have everything you need for a nicely arranged extension of your home.

Keep reading to learn about the tools and services that we offer. Then, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to get the process started.

Organizer Systems

While it’s great to have an organized garage, having a versatile system for your belongings is even better.

This can be accomplished with our Gridwall and SlatWall organizers. While they slightly differ in appearance, they work the same way. You hang hooks, baskets, and other accessories onto the organizers and can move things around as you please. If you need to move tool baskets around as your collection grows, doing so is a cinch.

We also offer SafeRacks ceiling storage racks to get items up off the floor. Not only do they provide up to 112 cubic feet of extra storage space, but they also support up to 600 pounds of weight. If you need a place for luggage, bins, or other bulky items, this could be a great solution for your Mount Laurel garage.

Storage Cabinets

Garage OrganizationThen there are cabinets that offer a sleek look to your garage while keeping belongings neatly hidden away. The Signature Series garage cabinets are individually designed to fit the overall look of your garage. Plus, they come in 14 different finishes, including:

  • Mocha
  • Stone Gray
  • Autumn Cherry

However, you can also choose Stainless Steel, Exotic Metal, or Powder Coated. Whether you’re wanting a classic look or something a bit bolder, you can find it with our cabinet selections.

Installing Garage Cabinets

The garage cabinets are made from a commercial-grade high-compression wood core along with thermally fused melamine laminate surface materials. That means these cabinets won’t peel, bubble, or discolor, but rather look beautiful for many years.

In just a day or two, you can have cabinets in the finish you want installed into your Mount Laurel garage. Plus, with steel construction hardware and wood dowels, you can rest assured that your new cabinets will remain firmly in place.

Furthermore, we offer large cabinets that are up to 90 inches tall and 48 inches wide. These are perfect for storing larger items that you may not be able to place anywhere else. Also, since the cabinets don’t need any center supports, you can easily store and remove content as needed.

Let Us Organize Your Mount Laurel NJ Garage

Now that you know what kind of garage organization near Mount Laurel, NJ, we offer, it’s time to get things going.

Contact EncoreGarage today for a free in-home consultation. We’ll map out a design for you and have everything installed for you in no time!