Garage Organization near Freehold NJ

EncoreGarage offers all types of services for your garage, including floor installation. However, we also provide the supplies you need to have an immaculate-looking garage.

Garage Organization Freehold NJFrom our organizers to cabinets and everything in between, we can get your garage looking as good as your home—however you may be using the room.

Below, we’ll go over how you can get garage organization near Freehold, NJ. Afterwards, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Organizers to Keep Everything Tidy

In order to keep all your belongings nice and tidy, you can utilize the various garage organizers that we have available.

Gridwall Organizers

Gridwall systems are a simple way to keep your garage organized. They’re quite flexible, so you can rearrange everything at the drop of a hat.

A standard gridwall comes in a 4×2 configuration and contains different notches and slots to attach all the hooks, baskets, and accessories you’d need. Plus, more grids can be installed individually or in groups for even more storage.

What’s great about these organizers is that you’re attaching accessories to the grid and not the wall itself. As a result, nothing has to be permanent. If you want to hang a ski rack in the winter and change to a bike rack in the summer, you can do so easily. The possibilities are nearly endless!

SlatWall Organizers

StallWall Organizers consists of a slatted wall that you can install inside cabinets, above work benches, or on any large stretch of open space.

Whether you need a spot for your recycling bins, fire extinguisher, or garden tools, these organizers can get those items off the ground and in a designated spot.

Plus, they come in six colors (like Gray or Cedar) in a satin- or wood-like finish. Through these different style options, you’ll have organizers that look just as trendy as they are handy.

Cabinets to Keep Items Hidden

Garage OrganizationNot only do we offer lots of organizers, but we have plenty of cabinets to choose from, as well. These are great options for when you want to keep certain items neatly tucked away, giving your garage a nice, clean look.

Our cabinets come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Embossed Stainless
  • Powder Coated
  • Exotic Metal & Laminate

You can opt for more neutral colors or go for bright, bold ones. Plus, you’ll have plenty of countertop options and hardware decorations to consider, making your organization options both stylish and functional.

Other Organizational Solutions

There are even more ways to keep your Freehold garage nice and structured. We have SafeRacks™ ceiling storage racks, where you can get up to 112 cubic feet of new storage space!

Available in sizes like 4×2, 6×3, and 8×4, these racks can support up to 600 pounds for even your heaviest objects.

Furthermore, we have lots of garage accessories like:

  • Attic Lift Systems
  • Motorized Bike Lifts
  • Tire Racks

No matter what kind of items are inside your garage, these organizers will help keep everything in their place.

Get Your Freehold NJ Garage Organized Today

Regardless of what your garage is used for—be it a work area, gym, or car showroom—you deserve to have a tidy space.

For more information on getting garage organization near Freehold, NJ, contact EncoreGarage. We’ll provide a free in-home consultation and go over how your garage can get a bit of an upgrade today!