Garage Organization Farmingdale NJ

The garage is often the first room you enter before going into the house. Yet it can be used for much more than that. It can be a place to park your car, of course, but it can also be a gym, workroom, or man cave.

Garage Organization Farmingdale NJWhatever setup you have in mind, it should be nice and organized. It’s so you can find items to easily complete day-to-day tasks.

If you’re not sure how to get a tidy garage, we can help! Keep reading to learn about the items we have for garage organization near Farmingdale, NJ. Then, contact EncoreGarage to see how you can get your garage all cleaned up today!

Cabinets for Your Farmingdale Garage

A great way to have a clean and nicely looking garage is to get some signature cabinets installed.

We sell cabinets in a wide variety of finishes, including:

  • Exotic Metal
  • Powder-Coated
  • Stainless Steel

Then there are the Signature Series cabinets, which are thermal-fused with melamine and have Garage Grade construction. Plus, you have a number of colors to choose from, such as Mocha and Blue Stone.

As a result, you’ll have cabinets with a high-quality look that’ll last a long time.

Organizers to Free Up Floor Space

Cabinets are a viable option for keeping items organized and hidden away. However, if you want a tidy garage, but want to easily spot an object, SlatWall and Gridwall organizers may work for you.

With a SlatWall organizer, you have a slatted wall that you can install on any substantial piece of open space, like above a work bench. They’re available in colors and can be in a wood-like or satin-like finish.

A Gridwall organizer, meanwhile, has different notches and slots for hooks, baskets, and more. It comes standard in a 4’ x 2’ configuration, and you can get more grids installed individually or in groupings.

Garage OrganizationBoth organizers are versatile in the way you can arrange items. Plus, nothing is permanent. Therefore, if you want to add or remove objects based on seasons or just general needs, you can do so easily.

Even More Organizational Options

You could also utilize overhead storage racks. SafeRacks are installed from the ceiling, giving you tons of open floor space.

In fact, you can get up to 112 cubic feet of new storage space. Plus, the racks are exceptionally sturdy, with a 600-pound weight capacity. So, if you need a place for a stroller, heavy boxes, or other belongings, you may want to consider getting SafeRacks ceiling storage racks.

Furthermore, we can install even more organizational accessories for you, such as:

  • Attic Lift System
  • Ceiling Mount Bike Lift
  • Tire Racks

Have a Tidy Garage near Farmingdale NJ

No matter how you’ll be using your garage, it should be as neat and clean as possible. Therefore, you’ll want to contact EncoreGarage for organizational ideas.

We’ll meet with you to look over your space and discuss any concepts you have in mind. Then, we’ll provide solutions to get your garage looking the way you want.

Don’t wait. Contact us for a free consultation today and have an organized garage near Farmingdale, NJ, in no time!