Garage Flooring near Union County NJ

If you’re looking to give your garage a bit of an upgrade, then the experts at EncoreGarage can help.

Garage Flooring Union County NJThey know what it takes to give homeowners like you in Union County their dream garage. This includes installing brand-new, beautiful floors that are sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Below, we’ll go over how we install garage flooring near Union County, NJ, and what types of floors are available. Then, you can contact us to address any questions you may have or to request a free consultation.

Installing Garage Floors near Union County NJ

Before we can install new garage flooring in your Union County home, we’ll need to prepare the current concrete. This is done through a mechanical abrasion process that uses both commercial shot blasters and diamond grinders.

Once we have the floor all prepped and ready to go, we’ll get to work on installing the new ones.

We have a variety of coating systems that incorporate both epoxy and polyaspartic. Therefore, we can easily address a number of different concrete types, as well as temperature and humidity conditions. Plus, our flooring has lots of advantages, including being:

  • Two times stronger than standard epoxy coatings
  • Odorless, with low or no volatile organic compounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Healthy and safe for everyone

Types of Floors to Install

You may have a certain type of flooring in mind, depending on what you’ll be using the garage for.

If you’re using it as a place for storing items, or to do some special DIY projects, then you may want the traditional solid-color garage floor coating. With highly pigmented base and top coat layers, you’ll get a strong floor that’s resistant to ambering or yellowing.

Finally, you might decide that the garage is to be used as a showroom for your impressive-looking automobiles. If so, then a reflector coating might be ideal.

There are 52 colors available in nearly endless combinations. Plus, the metallic pigments over a black epoxy base create abstract patterns that are truly one-of-a-kind, and they might just show up the cars that are on display.

Having a Clean & Organized Garage

Garage FlooringAfter the new floors have been installed, you’ll want to think about organizing the contents in your garage.

We have lots of options for removing the clutter and showing off those stunning floors. These include:

  • Gridwall Organizers
  • Slatwall Organizers
  • Overhead Storage

If you need organizers for your sports equipment, then ask about our Skate Racks, Racquet Racks, or Golf Racks. We also have shelves, boxes, and hooks for tools, cleaning products, and other items.

Furthermore, our cabinets can keep everything tidy and out of sight. With choices like Stainless Steel, Exotic Metal, and Powder Coated, you’re sure to get the color and material that’ll be the perfect complement to your new flooring.

Get New Garage Floors Installed near Union County NJ

No matter what your garage will be used for, it should be looking its best. Let the team at EncoreGarage help you get your dream garage flooring near Union County, NJ.

Don’t wait. Contact us for a free consultation today!