Garage Flooring near Lakewood Township NJ

With the Strand Theater, FirstEnergy Park, and Ocean County Park, there are lots of fun things to do in Lakewood Township. However, you may just want to relax at home most days.

Garage Flooring Lakewood Township NJOne place you might want to hang out in is the garage, if it’s your gym or work station. Or, it could be a place to show off your car collection. Either way, the garage should look its best, starting with the flooring.

We’ll tell you about our services and how you can get garage flooring near Lakewood Township, NJ. Read through the information below, and feel free to contact EncoreGarage if you have any questions.

Solid or Flake Finish Flooring near Lakewood Township

We offer different types of flooring to fit the type of look you want for your garage. For instance, a solid coating is great for a nice, clean look. There are several colors to choose from, such as:

  • Warm Sun
  • Toffee
  • Dark Grey
  • Tile Red

If you want a minimalist look for your vehicle and/or cabinets, then this may be the type of flooring for you.

However, if you’re building a mancave, you may want to get floors with a flake finish. With the different specks of color, you could tailor the garage to match your personality. Plus, you could get it in colors like:

  • Terracotta
  • Harley
  • Blue Ice

Reflector Coating to Make Your Garage Floors Pop

Garage FloorYou may decide that you want your garage floors to have more of a metallic appearance. If so, then consider getting a reflector finish.

It’s available in over 50 colors and nearly endless combinations, for a look that’s tailored to you and your home.

Additionally, this type of flooring is four times stronger than standard epoxy systems, two times more flexible than standard polyaspartic systems, and 30 percent stronger than traditional polyaspartics. It’s also designed to stay true to its color, without ambering or yellowing over time.

Benefits of a FLEX-CORE™ Garage Floor Coating System

Whichever flooring type you decide on, you can rest assured that it’ll last you a long time.

That’s because we have exclusive FLEX-CORE™ coating products that consist of the most advanced polymers for residential garage flooring applications. We start with a 100 percent solid epoxy base coat, then add a UV-resistant clear epoxy or UV-stable clear polyaspartic top coat.

The result is garage flooring that looks good and should last you a good 15 years. Plus, there are many advantages that come with using this type of flooring, including the fact that it’s:

  • Odorless
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Plus, you don’t need to worry about driving into the garage from the rain or snow, as the floors offer increased protection against moisture.

Get Brand-New Garage Floors near Lakewood Township NJ

You work hard to keep your Lakewood Township home looking good. The same should be done for the garage.

If you’re wanting new garage flooring near Lakewood Township, NJ, don’t wait. Contact EncoreGarage for a free consultation today!