Garage Flooring near Morris County NJ
For many people, the garage is the room they step into before entering their home. It’s also a place often used for storage, housing vehicles, or as a gym or workroom.

Because of this, every part of the garage should look its best. It all starts with the floors, which we can install for you.

Continue reading to learn how to get garage flooring near Morris County, NJ, and feel free to contact EncoreGarage if you have any questions.

Flooring Options for Your Morris County NJ Garage

Garage Flooring near Morris County, NJThe great thing about getting new garage floors is the nearly endless options that are available to you. Our offerings include:

If you want a nice, clean, minimalist look, then consider getting the solid floor coating. You can choose from various color options like Velvet Blue, Tile Red, and Gun Powder Grey. Plus, not only do these floors look good, but they’ll also protect against erosion.

You may want the rich look of acid-stained concrete without the mess. If that’s the case, then consider getting reflector flooring. It offers abstract patterns created by movement of metallic pigments over a black epoxy base, for a look comparable to what you’d find in a vehicle showroom.

Then there’s the flake finish flooring. The unique speckled look is great for a mancave, and there are various colors to choose from that’ll match your personality—colors like Blue Ice, Harley, and Desert.

Garage Floor Facts You Need to Know

Now that you know which options are available to you, it’s time to go over some important garage flooring facts.

We utilize a number of different coating systems and constructions that incorporate epoxy and polyaspartic. This is so we can address specific temperature and humidity conditions.

One major coating system that we use is FLEX-CORE™. It’s odorless, extremely durable, and is healthy and safe for everyone. Plus, it’s two times stronger than standard epoxy coatings and will protect against ambering and yellowing.

The whole process of installing the new floors will take about two days. That’s because we put a lot of care into making sure everything is just right.

Floor Installation Process

Garage Flooring near Morris County, NJWe’ll start by using commercial shot blasters and diamond grinders to clean the top surface of the concrete and “open its pores.” We’ll then install the type and color flooring that you want. If you want a reflector floor, we’ll use a 3-layer or 4-layer system.

The 3-layer system goes as follows:

  1. 100% solid epoxy base coat layer
  2. Metallic reflector layer
  3. Polyaspartic top layer

If you decide on the 4-layer system, we’ll start with a deep penetrating primer layer, then continue with the steps above.

In the end, you’ll have impressive-looking floors that should last a good 15 years under normal use and care.

Get a New Garage Floor near Morris County NJ Today

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