Garage Flooring near Bergen NJ

As a homeowner in Bergen, NJ, you take great pride in having nice-looking floors in your house. Why not extend that same kind of care to the garage?

Garage Flooring Bergen NJAfter all, it’s an extension of your home. No matter what you use the room for, it should look its best, from top to bottom. It all starts with the floors, which the experts at EncoreGarage can easily install.

Keep reading to learn about our services, then contact us when you’re ready to get new garage flooring near Bergen, NJ.

Selecting What Types of Floors You Want

Before we can install new floors into your garage, you’ll need to determine which type you want.

We offer tons of options, from a classic solid coating and cool flake finish, to a shiny reflector that’s reminiscent of a car showroom.

Solid Coating

Our solid garage floor coating uses 100 percent two-component epoxies. There’s a pigmented base coat layer followed by a pigmented top coat layer. The result is flooring that’s two times stronger than standard epoxy coatings.

You can choose from colors like Velvet Blue, Warm Sun, and Tile Red. No matter which one you go for, you’ll have beautiful floors that are highly durable, easy to clean, and won’t erode from outside elements.

Flake Finish

Flake FinishA garage can be used for more than just storage. In fact, you may want to utilize it as a gym, workroom, or mancave.

Therefore, you might want to consider having garage floors with a flake finish. Like the solid coating, this type uses exclusive FLEX-CORE™ coating products. These are the most advanced polymers developed for residential garage floor application, and they can help keep your floors in great condition for a good 15 years.

Plus, you’ll have lots of neat-looking colors to select from, such as Quartzite, Harley, and Red Graphite. No matter what, you’ll get flooring that you can brag to your friends about.


The last type of garage flooring you could get for your Bergen home is one with a reflector finish.

There are 52 color choices with nearly endless combinations. The color is typically placed over a black base, to really make it pop. Plus, there are several protective clear coat options available to keep your new floors shiny for a long time.

The result is flooring with the deep, rich look of acid-stained concrete without any type of mess.

Installing Garage Floors near Bergen NJ

Once you’ve decided on the type of floors you want, it’s time to install them!

Garage FloorWe’ll come to your home and do an extensive evaluation, making recommendations while still giving you the look you want. Plus, we’ll prep the floors to get them nice and ready for proper installation.

The number of coatings we use for the floors all depends on what type you choose. For example, if you get the reflector floors, we’ll typically use the 3 Layer Reflector System:

  1. 100 percent solid epoxy base coat layer
  2. Metallic reflector layer
  3. Polyaspartic top layer

We may also add an aluminum oxide for additional slip resistance.

No matter what type of flooring you opt for, it’ll cure within 24 hours and stay protected against ambering and yellowing. As a result, you’ll have beautiful floors that you and your family can enjoy for a very long time.

Get New Garage Flooring for Your Bergen NJ Home

If you’re ready to get new garage flooring near Bergen, NJ, then the experts at EncoreGarage are ready to help.

Be sure to contact our team for a free consultation today!