Garage Flooring Adelphia NJ

When people first move into a home, they spend a lot of time and care focusing on the aesthetics, to get it looking the way they want. While so much time can go into organizing and decorating the house, you don’t want to neglect the garage. It’s an extension of the home, after all.

Garage Flooring Adelphia NJIf you’re looking to give your garage an upgrade, you’ll first need to decide what type of floors you want. That’s where the experts at EncoreGarage come in.

We’ll not only go over the various types of floors that we offer, but we can also install them for you in a timely manner. Keep reading to learn all about installing garage flooring in Adelphia, NJ!

Installing Garage Floors in Adelphia NJ

Our process for installing new garage floors is done meticulously and with a great deal of care. From prepping the floors to giving it a good seal, we want to make sure the floors last a long time.

We start by prepping your current floors to get them ready for the new installation. A mechanical abrasion process is done using commercial shot blasters and diamond grinders. This is so the top surface can be cleaned off and have the “pores opened.” Then, the new base coat will penetrate deeply for good adhesion.

Next, the floor coating will go down. We use FLEX-CORE™ coating products that are two times stronger and more flexible than standard epoxy coatings. As a result, your new garage floors will have a high-gloss shine that’ll last for many years.

Lots of Garage Flooring Options

Once we get the initial coat down, it’s time to choose the color and type of flooring that you want. We have lots of options available, so you can get the flooring that matches your home and/or your personality.

The flake finishes give the garage floor a cool vibe and are available in colors like Blue Ice, Harley, and Red Graphite. You could also get a reflector garage floor, which makes it look like you have a vehicle showroom right at home.

With 52 color options in nearly endless combinations, your garage floor will truly be the envy of your neighbors. Plus, the 3-layer or 4-layer system offers great protection against moisture. Therefore, you’ll have a stunning floor all year long.

Removing Clutter from Your Garage Floors

Removing ClutterAfter the flooring is installed, it’s time to get your garage all organized. We have lots of storage solutions available, including:

We also have cabinets that’ll keep your belongings tucked away, for a clean-looking garage. Whether you’re interested in stainless steel, powder-coated, or exotic metal, we’ll find the right type and color for you.

Furthermore, we offer car lifts, for the automobile collector in your life. This economical option not only creates additional parking spaces, but it expands your garage space, as well.

Get New Garage Floors in Adelphia NJ Today

No matter what your garage in Adelphia, NJ, is used for, it deserves to look its best. That all starts with the flooring, which we’ll gladly install for you.

To learn more, contact EncoreGarage for a free consultation. You’ll be getting your dream garage flooring in Adelphia, NJ, in no time.