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Garage Cooling Solutions

Garage Cooling Solutions: Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Cool cars come from a cool garage.

Nobody wished for the sauna temperature ride. And the truth is that you can’t prevent summer from happening, but you sure can detect how hot it gets on you, your garage, and your car.

When you take the right steps toward garage cooling solutions, your garage temperature is comfortable, and in turn, the car inside remains cool.

Read on as I reveal garage cooling solutions and working tips to keep your car cool in the summer.

Why Do Cars Get Hot?

I think the correct question here is why the garage gets hot. Aside from cars heating up during use, another heat-causing factor is packing outside the garage under high weather(high afternoon).

Above 87% of car owners Americans have a garage, therefore that factor is out. We’re left with, your car is hot because your garage is hot.

Why is your Garage hot?

Many reasons dear, some of them are:

  • Direct sunlight: If your garage is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, it can cause the temperature inside the garage to rise significantly.
  • Color choices: Dark colors absorb more heat than lighter colors. If the walls or roof of your garage are painted with dark colors, they can absorb more heat, making the garage hotter.
  • Poor ventilation system: A garage without proper ventilation can trap hot air inside and prevent cool air from entering, which can make it feel like a sauna.
  • Recently used car park inside the garage: If you have recently parked a car in your garage, the engine and exhaust can radiate heat, contributing to the overall temperature of the garage.
  • Poor or no insulation features: Garages without proper insulation can allow heat to enter the space more easily, leading to a warmer interior temperature.
  • Clogged garage space: If your garage is cluttered and lacks proper storage solutions, it can impede airflow and trap heat inside, leading to a hot and uncomfortable space.

“Summer makes it 2X Hotter than usual.”

Garage Cooling Solutions

Stay tuned for tips to keep your car cool in the summer. But I tell you without a cool garage, you’ll only have a recycling sauna temperature on wheels.

The following tips range from common steps to premium actions.

Now: garage Cooling Solutions:

  • Park out for a while
  • Use Bright Color Paints
  • Utilize Garage vent
  • Get the air-conditioning going
  • Garage Insulation
  • Tidy Up your garage
  • Use dehumidifier

#1. Park out for a while

The heat from recently used cars under hot weather radiates and circulates the garage causing the temperature to be toasty. Worse is if the garage has poor ventilation.

The solution to this is to park the car outside for a while until it cools down before parking it back inside. You do this for free. Lols.

#2. Use Bright Color Paints

Science has it that dark colors hoard heat and intensify temperature.

Use light on the roof of your garage and the exterior. This will reflect more light and heat out from the roof with easy radiation through the colors. However, light color can’t replace hood ventilation.

#3. Utilize Garage Vent

Use fans or vents. two fans will do fine. Place one at the door blowing the trapped air out. Face the other one in your direction giving you a feel of the breeze.

There are various types and sizes of garage ventilators for different sizes of and garage purposes. For a small size garage, you should use the turbine rooftop ventilator.

For a medium or large garage, opt for the ventilator affixed to the wall. However, it tolls on power.

#4. Get the air-conditioning going

Air conditioning remains the most effective, well; more cost-effective option. You get the Attic feeling while at the Kalahari. You should know that air-conditioning requires good insulation to work well.

#5. Garage Insulation

Proper insulation can help keep the heat out in the summer and retain warmth in the winter. Places you should focus on are your garage walls, ceiling, and door to keep it cool. Insulation works with other cooling mechanisms. But it works best with air-conditioning.

#6. Tidy Up your garage

Declutter your garage and organize your items to ensure proper airflow and ventilation. A tidy garage allows for proper ventilation, reducing heat buildup.

#7. Use dehumidifier

High humidity can make a hot garage feel even more uncomfortable. There are affordable yet effective dehumidifiers you can get to reduce humidity levels in your garage, making it more comfortable to spend time in and you get a cooler car.

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Here are some garage cooling solutions and tips to keep your car cool in the summer:

  • Install a garage door insulation kit – Garage door insulation kits are affordable and easy to install. They can help reduce heat transfer and keep your garage and car cool.
  • Use a garage exhaust fan – Installing an exhaust fan in your garage can help circulate the air and remove hot air. It’s an affordable and easy solution to keep your garage and car cool.
  • Park in the shade – If you have a tree or shaded area in your yard, park your car there instead of in your garage. It can help reduce the temperature inside your car and prevent heat damage.
  • Use a windshield sunshade – A windshield sunshade can help block the sun’s rays and keep your car’s interior cool. It’s an affordable and easy solution to prevent heat damage.
  • Use a reflective car cover – A reflective car cover can help block the sun’s rays and keep your car’s exterior cool. It’s an excellent solution if you don’t have access to shaded parking.


#1. What Is A Reflective Barrier And How Does It Work?

A reflective barrier is a type of material that reflects heat and sunlight away from your garage.

It is typically made of aluminum foil or another reflective material and can be attached to the walls or ceiling of your garage.

When the sun shines on the reflective barrier, it reflects the heat away from your garage, helping to keep it cool.

#2. What Type Of Portable Air Conditioner Should I Use For My Garage?

The type of portable air conditioner you use for your garage will depend on the size of the space and the level of cooling you need.

Look for a portable air conditioner with a high BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating, which indicates its cooling capacity.

You should also consider the energy efficiency rating (EER) to make sure you’re getting a unit that will be cost-effective to run.


The story may be different from people in the US. Regardless of the margin of temperature difference, it can be scourging in the summer. More so in places like Arizona and Florida. Where the garage key adds a few degrees to their almost 40 at hand.

If you live in a hot climate, keeping your garage and car cool during the summer months can be a challenge.

High temperatures can damage your car’s battery, tires, and engine, so it’s essential to take steps to prevent heat-related problems.

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