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Transform your damaged garage floor into a clean, durable, attractive surface. EncoreGarage of Ohio specializes in the preparation of concrete surfaces and the application of Flex-Core™ floor coating – the best floor coating to withstand the demands of your garage. 

Experience the Beauty, Durability and Ease of Encore Garage's FLEX-CORE™ High-Performance Coating System For The Ultimate Garage Flooring.

Advanced technology garage floor coating systems that will stand up to the tough demands of your garage.  Developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers, our exclusive FLEX-CORE coating products are the most advanced polymers ever developed for residential garage floor application. At EncoreGarage™ our floor coating is a high quality, stain-resistant, easy to clean surface. Unlike other concrete surface coating systems that can wear through or peel up, our surface is a thick, seamless polymer composition that is permanently bonded to the concrete. Its offers a rich, attractive finish that is no match for spills and stains. Using 100% solid industrial grade resins containing no solvents or fillers, our garage flooring is the toughest floor coating available, all guaranteed to give you the last garage floor you’ll ever need.

Advantages of our Flex-Core Epoxy-Polyaspartic Floor Coating Systems

Gives a textured, glossy finish that protects your garage floor, sealing out dirt, dust and debris.

Clean up is quick and easy, dirt and dust whisk away with a broom and spills wipe right up

Resists chipping, peeling, or blistering, even under hot tires

High resistance to impact, abrasion and extreme temperature.

Coatings are non-porous and stain-resistant – repels dirt, road salt, paint, gas and oil.

Penetrates deep into concrete pours for a stronger permanent bond.

UV stable – ensuring your floor retains color with a shine that will last for years 

Did you know: Surface Preparation is critical to the longevity of your floor coating

Our floor coating process focuses on preparation in addition to the use of industrial grade products – both which are critical to a long lasting, beautiful coating system that is extremely durable, resists staining, and is easy to clean.  


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