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Garage Cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are EncoreGarage Cabinets Made Of?

Our EncoreGarage NJ garage cabinets are made of a commercial grade high compression wood core and a thermally-fused melamine laminate surface materials. The thermally-fused surface is applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of all cabinet components. This material will not delaminate, peel, bubble or discolor, and cleans up with a soft cloth and household all-surface cleaners.

What Advantages Do EncoreGarage Cabinets Offer?

Building the EncoreGarage NJ garage cabinets to a more robust level of construction enables us to offer garage cabinets with several distinct advantages. First, we can offer larger sizing profiles of up to 48″ wide and 90″ tall, perfect for storing larger, bulkier garage items. Second, we can mount our cabinets off the floor and without legs. Finally, our cabinets do not require any center supports allowing greater access room for storing and removing content.

Do Your Cabinets Cost A Lot More Than Other Garage Cabinets?

The materials, workmanship and attention to detail that goes into each system we install does cost a little more. However, in comparison you will find we sell a premium, high-grade product at a fair price. Our NJ garage cabinets are sold and priced on a project basis. However, we will always design with your budget in mind and we are always happy to scale back a completed design in order to fit within your budget. Our systems are also easily expandable, so you can add onto your system as your budget allows.

What Makes EncoreGarage Cabinets Better?

The EncoreGarage NJ garage cabinets have been designed to a much higher standard of durability and strength than typical home storage and closet cabinets. The construction methods we use feature 3/4″ thickness for all vertical components along with 1″ thick (50% thicker than standard) tops, bottoms and shelves and a full 1/4″ thick MDF interlocking back. We call this garage grade and this is what sets our cabinet systems apart.

How Are EncoreGarage Cabinets Held Together?

At EncoreGarage our NJ garage cabinets use only steel construction hardware and wood dowels. We never use weak staples to fasten components together. All of our cabinets are designed using the European 32mm system, the same is used in fine cabinets and furniture. 1/4″ MDF backs are locked into a “dado” groove, which adds strength and interlocks the components together. Behind the back is a wall attachment cleat which is glued and screwed to the side panels. Center shelves are fixed in place using an adjustable cam system to add additional strength and stability.

Do Your Cabinets Need Legs Or Additional Support?

Cheaper garage cabinetry which is built to weaker construction methods requires additional support is often built on top of a pedestal base or a “toe kick”. Unfortunately this area beneath the cabinets becomes a perfect nesting place for pests and bugs. Mounting the cabinets off the floor eliminates this potential home for critters, and reduces the likelihood of water damage.

How Long Do Cabinets Take To Install?

EncoreGarage NJ garage cabinets are usually installed in 1-2 days, however some installation can take longer depending on the size and complexity of the job. We always try to schedule our garage cabinet installations on consecutive days so you can get back in your garage as quickly as possible.


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