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Best Garage Storage Systems 

If you’re on the hunt for the best garage storage systems to liberate your garage space read on for just that!

The main purpose behind owning a garage was to boast of a parking space for your automobile, but it turned out that the garage is now a dump house for any and every not-frequently-used item.

79% of garage owners wish to have more space in the garage compared to their living room, that’s enough proof that garages are not only for automobiles but also for items like, golf bags and tools, bicycles, skates, and mowers, you name it.

The issue is not with the garage carrying more loads than it should but to avert safety hazards, pest infestations, stress and anxiety, or worse – health is wealth, remember?

Let’s not forget the discomfort limited work spaces bring.

You can avert the cons from happening or if you’re in it already, you can bounce back to spaciousness. Getting yourself garage storage systems will save you many regrets. In this article, you’ll not only know the best garage storage systems, but you’ll also know how to choose.

How to Choose the Best Garage Storage Systems

It’s only normal to get confused by all the classes and types of garage storage systems out there but here is a guide to make the best pick for your money.

  • Garage storage systems features
  • Storage systems durability
  • Cost 

#1. Garage Storage System Features

Go for garage storage systems whose designs resonate with your needs and can solve at least 70% of your space outage headaches.

The best garage storage systems I’ve seen have the following in common:

  • Adjustability is gold: your ideal garage storage system should require permanent modification; adding and removal of components to satisfy your storage positioning, sizes and wants.
  • Easy installation: believe me, garage storage systems cost a fortune. It’s noble to get a DIY gadget to save costs if you’re on a budget.
  • Load Capacity: what is a garage storage system without weight capacity? You Better get serious about getting what can comfortably hold your golf bag without shrinking.
  • Weather Resistance: the strongest metal corrodes and plastic wears out when exposed to contrary weather conditions. However, you can’t stop harsh weathering but you can reduce its effects on your storage system by choosing the right materials on the right coating. 

#2. Storage Systems Durability

Do yourself a favor, and get the garage storage systems that last. You’ll know this by the brand’s reputation and metal thickness, but it’s best if you go with an expert or at least seek a recommendation. When you find that space-saving garage storage system, pay at once; it’s worth it.

#3. Consider Cost

I know that I said “pay whatever it costs” and yes I meant it, however, this time let’s see the cost in 2 views. 1st cost affordability, 2nd what it’ll cost you if you don’t spend.

On affordability, get gadgets that match your pocket at the moment if removing such an amount will hurt other budgets.

However, considering the scale of preference and the opportunity cost go for quality and satisfaction because when tragedy strikes due to poor garage space management, you’ll spend way more.

One indisputable feature to look for before choosing certain garage storage systems is the height of your garage, read on to know why.

Best Garage Storage Systems

To get the best garage storage system, first consider the types of items and materials that it would carry. See if yours will be holding any of these items:

  • Gardening equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Automotive Tools
  • Bicycle and bikes
  • Household items

If yes, here are the best garage storage systems to declutter your garage space and be happy that you did:

  • Wall Storages
  • Cabinets
  • Overhead Storages
  • Shelving Systems

#1. Wall Storages

It is what it is; wall garage storage systems are gadgets that get things from your garage floor to the wall.

The wall storage system is most efficient and effective as it occupies little space and there are more benefits such as:

  • Maximize storage space.
  • Eliminates floor clutter and tripping hazards.
  • Item accessibility is easier.
  • Zero rust and No damages from the vehicle.

If you’ve got the cash, then wall storage is the one for you. Some best shots in the industry of wall storage systems are PVC Slatwall, pegboard, permanently anchored hangers and hooks, and wall-mounted track systems

#2. Cabinets

If you don’t mind sparring a space in your garage for durable satisfaction, the cabinet garage storage is yours. 

It resembles a wardrobe but is customizable to keep excess tools in and secure while giving you that sleek look, making your garage appear even bigger.

garage cabinetry is for all garage types because:

  • You’ll have more garage storage options
  • Keeps the expensive and dangerous materials hidden and safe.
  • Eases your eyes of visual clutter
  • Protect your valuables from dust attacks.
  • Best for storing awkward and/or denser weight items that can’t be hung.

#3. Overhead Storages

The overhead racks are more adjustable platforms that suspend every weight in mid-air. Hence the name garage ceiling storage system.

They’re best for storing away obsolete items, however, there is overhead storage that parks the car to the ceiling. All working to keep the floor space.

If you’re interested in overhead storage, opt for heavy-duty racks with a high-weight capacity that can handle up to 600 pounds. 

#4. Shelving Systems

First, the shelving storage system occupies space and it’s based on how it looks.

Repurposing old cranky bookcases for garage storage can be eyesores, regardless of how metallic they are; rather, get yourself heavy-duty metal shelves with a high weight capacity that last, it’s worth it.

Again, avoid wood or plastic shelf storage so that you can easily maintain them and they’re durable. 

Although wall-mounted or permanent shelves are good try slatwall shelf garage storage systems for both fixed and removable garage storage shelves.


#1. What are the cheapest garage storage systems?

That would depend on what you’re buying and the seller’s specifications. However, keep at least $50 for a garage storage system.

#2. How can I organize my garage storage?

Optimize your garage with these tips:

  • Turn the ceiling into bonus storage space.
  • Line bins against the wall.
  • Use your garage’s drywall.
  • Add hooks for easy access.
  • Install a vertical organizing system.


A healthy garage equates to a healthy and happy home. It is worth the trouble to give your garage the space it desires because, the garage, over the decades, has turned out into a confident resort and to some a gym, maybe your is a shopping outlet.

Always maintain a sleek and attractive garage, aside from aesthetic rewards, you can’t afford to throw money into fixing You would have avoided by opting for the best garage storage systems.

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