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Best new age storage garage solutions

Best new age storage garage solutions

Best new age storage garage solutions

Why does the garage need to have proper storage space? 

A family’s tools, lawn care equipment, seasonal gear, sports equipment, and holiday decorations are frequently stored in the garage. It is necessary to keep these things in order since we may need them at any moment considering certain situations which may occur. That is why the garage should always be kept clean and tidy which helps in finding the objects in no time and there is no fear of losing or breaking certain gears. 

To store things properly there are different types of cabinets and bike racks and other necessary things which will keep the things in order without any fear of losing. 

Things that provide more storage 

There are a lot of things that tend to provide more storage to your garage and are also according to the new age gears. 

  • The use of a garage cabinet set.
  • Wall-mounted hooks.
  • Use of shelves and racks.
  • Use of magnetic bars.
  • Setting up sitting arrangement.
  • Use of boxes. 

A detailed description of these storage things is explained below.

Use of garage cabinet set

Setting up your garage with cabinets is the best way which can help you to keep your garage clean and tidy. Using a set of six-piece cabinets can pretty much store most of the tools like nails and mechanical gear which also tends to give double space to store some other things. 

Use of wall-mounted organizer

When the lawn care types of equipment and other cleaning supplies are scattered around on the floor it surely covers half of the storage space which is present in the garage. To sort out this problem you should choose a wall-mounted organizer which will help you to pretty much make out some space on the floor by keeping certain things hung up on the wall. 

Use of shelves and racks 

Overhead racks, wall-mounted racks, and steel shelves take your garage storage to a new higher height. With massive storage and weight capacity, these solutions take garage storage to a whole new level. Summer and winter tires can be conveniently stored on Wall Mounted steel shelves, and large tools and equipment can be stored on the wall-mounted Racks.

Setting up sitting arrangement

It is necessary to set up the sitting arrangement. Setting up a table with some chairs around it saves up half of the space in the garage, it will also give your garage a clean and tidy outlook. Doing so is useful as your friends may come to plan some road trip and planning such trips in garage surely seems like the very thrilling place. 

Use of magnetic bars 

You can use the magnetic bars which will keep your tools stay stuck on the wall. The magnetic bar helps provide the garage extra space, as the metallic tools are attracted to the magnetic force of the bar. 

Use of boxes 

Cardboard boxes can also be utilized in this regard as you can separate certain things. The boxes are useful in distinguishing between what is to be donated and what should be thrown away. In this way, it helps you to keep your garage and also provides much storage space to your garage. 

Use of wall-mounted bike hooks 

The use of wall-mounted bike hooks is perfectly safe and it also uses the extra wall space which might have given you an uncomfortable feeling. This not only keeps the garage in organized form but also tends to provide much extra space to the floor which can be utilized for keeping more storage cabinets and for other floor storage stuff.


Custom Garage Storage Design Ideas

Custom Garage Storage Design Ideas

Custom Garage Storage Design Ideas

A garage is a place that is ideal for storage. You can store multiple things in your garage from tools and sports gear to your gardening supplies and most importantly your vehicle. But having a storage space without properly designed can turn your storage area into a dumping bag. To save yourself from roaming in the mess and getting yourself confused by the clutter, you can even make a customized garage design to keep it managed and organized. There are a lot of useful garage design ideas that you can consider while making your garage a better and more impressive storage space. 

For this, there are many creative ideas you can use to design your garage in an organized way.  Before starting to convert your messy storage space into a designed and organized garage consider the things you need or might need in the future. 

How you can design your garage?

When your storage space is designed efficiently it becomes more functional to fulfill your need for perfect storage space. There are plenty of ways to design it the way you want by following the ideas given here. 

  • You can design your garage by utilizing the space effectively it provides.
  • Using garage equipment with multiple uses to assist in the storage and to present a neat look.
  • Make a dark garage theme to match your personality. 

Ideas for designing your garage 

There are multiple ideas to apply to designing your garage and making it organized in the best possible way. 

Attach hooks to the wall

A fantastic method to get items off the ground is with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. An open garage storage system, which makes use of moveable brackets on permanent runners, may accommodate all of your storage needs while still maximizing every square inch. This garage shelf system offers a variety of storage choices, including the ability to hang, stack, and conceal goods. Pegboard-style wall panels can be used to store a variety of goods.

Use the ceiling 

Storage from the ceiling in a garage can take many forms, but all of them save valuable floor space. This hoist uses a pulley system to lift and lower items more quickly. Also, kayaks may fit in it.

It’s possible to hang large items on the walls of the garage if they must be kept there. Heavy-duty wall hooks may be used to hang ladders, bicycles, chairs, and wreath boxes, allowing you to free up valuable floor space in your home.

Use aesthetic shelves

As long as you get some simple garage storage systems installed, it doesn’t matter how messy your garage is. It’s a place where you’ll spend a lot of time, so make it as welcoming as possible. You’re more likely to stay if you do this.

This garage storage concept has open shelves, glass-door cabinets, and locked cupboards, which is great if you regularly need to reach a certain item fast.

Unattached racks for garage

Since it’s versatile, durable, and economical, racking has become a popular option for garage storage. Racks may occupy the whole back wall of a single garage for a reasonable cost, and small drawer units, tool boxes, and storage bins can be added for a variety of storage options.


Designing your garage is a must if you are using it to store your valuable tools and gears. So you can find them in a good condition for the next time you need them. You can have a customized garage with the design you want to arrange your things. By using these useful ideas to make your garage organized you can design it effectively. 


How do I organize my garage like a pro?


How do I organize my garage like a pro?

The garage is the place to store your tools and definitely to protect your vehicle from the rusting sunlight, roadside dust, and unknown scratches. An unorganized garage cannot support any of this but a mere room is worth nothing but clutter. Do not waste space if you have got one and use it in a productive way to help to secure your things proficiently. 

All you need to do is organize your garage in a way that makes it of use and not a waste. Organizing a garage can sound like a tough task for you but it is just about planning out right and initiating the task to its completion.

Plan your garage set up

Before starting to organize your garage you need to empty the space to get a complete look at how it needs to be organized. It can give you a plain sight of what you need to keep in your garage and what you need to get rid of. This includes some steps to get your garage to organize the process started.  

  • Take the record of what you have and throw out the unused expired items. 
  • Organize your garage into zones by grouping the same items and putting them in the same place where they are needed. For instance tools, sports items, etc. 
  • The zones will work out as sections for tools and electric supplies.
  • Now that you have organized the things in their groups you need to make a storage plan to arrange the things on their sports.

How to use your garage storage efficiently

Organizing your tools and supplies is not enough to call your garage organized because without proper storage it would still remain a mess. To use your garage space effectively you need to have a proper storage system installed. There is a list of things you need to make your garage storage effective and productive. 

Addition of a pegboard

You can use a pegboard in your garage to avoid losing your tools in the clutter but hang your daily use and important tools on the pegboard to avoid the hassle to find them when in need. This way will be organized in a better way.

Cabinets for storage 

To store your electrical tools and supplies you can install cabinets in your garage. This will give your garage a neat look as well as you can save them from getting rusted and old. 

Wire shelves

To keep your gardening stuff in a separate space you can get wire shelves along with the walls of your garage. This will provide enough space for other items to be stored. This can also be a cheap alternative to the cabinets. 

Overhead storage

Do not miss any spot in your garage because this is what effective storage means. You can install overhead storage boxes with the ceiling of your garage. This will make out a separate section for your camping gear, beach stuff, or holiday supplies. 

Keep tackle boxes

These must-have plastic boxes for storing your hardware like screws and nails. You can use a transparent tackle box that comes with divisions inside to assist you in seeing what you need. 

Raised shelves

Don’t leave a space for the clutter and hang your ladder below your raised shelves. This will let you have your floor clear and much tidier. 


Organizing your garage like a pro is a fun task if you know what you need to add and what you need to remove from your garage space. Organizing your garage requires some storage techniques that you can apply to have an effectively organized garage. 


What are the best cheap tricks to organize your garage?

What are the best cheap tricks to organize your garage?

What are the best cheap tricks to organize your garage?

Having a garage to maintain properly sure is troublesome and it also makes you exert more of your strength as it requires a lot of effort. It is sure that while maintaining the garage properly you will have to look out for necessary materials which are being sold at a high cost but at the same time, it tends to give your garage a presentable and tidy outlook. 

But if you are short on cash or want to recycle certain things which you think will provide a use for storing certain things at a place. The tricks used are cheap and the materials are easily available.

Cheap tricks to organize your garage 

Most people have a creative mindset which makes them want to look for things that would prove to be helpful and will provide an advantage to their very being. Here are some tricks which can give you some ideas: 

  • Before cleaning and organizing your garage, you need to empty the whole space which will make you perform better calculations regarding which things should be placed where. 
  • You will need to sort out the keepers into three piles, donation, trash, and keep. It will help you to differentiate between things that you need to keep, donate or give into the trash. 
  • Use garage racks for putting things in certain positions which will easily find out. 
  • You may have old boxes or plastic drawers which are not in use anymore, place them in a corner and store your sports items in them. 

Addition of storage cabinets 

Well everyone once in a while gives their house some renovation. At that time there were some cabinets stored in the garage to throw later but we may not get a chance to give them away. In that case, using cabinets for storage will save you from spending money on buying new storage cabinets. These cabinets can store different materials like sports gear, tools, and equipment. 

Surely, the addition of these cabinets will give your garage a clean outlook as the things will be kept inside and not scattered around on the ground. The addition of cabinets not only helps to make your garage look clean and tidy but it also tends to protect the materials you have stored in them which automatically saves your time while you are searching for certain things. 

Usage of wall-mounted organizer

You may have had wall-mounted organizers in your house which are old and have been exchanged with new ones. Well, the old ones can still be put to some advantage. If not, then these wall-mounted organizers are being sold at cheap prices, you can get one and put it up for use so that the brooms, snow shovels, and mops are not placed on the ground which would be giving off a messed-up look to your garage. 

Additionally, you can also use this space to hang rubber gloves, gardening tools, and anything you could think of. 

Taking advantage of using magnets 

You can simply buy magnets as they are quite cheap and inexpensive. They tend to provide a good use when it comes to saving up space and providing a clean outlook to your garage. A magnetic bar attached to the wall will help you to stick up the tools to it. Though you can use cabinets to store tools, any kind of urgency can come up when you do not have enough time to search for a certain tool. By using a magnetic bar you can easily see the tool attracted to it from where you can take it off and use it. 


A guide to easy DIY garage organizers

Why do you need DIY ideas to organize your garage?

Some people may not have the budget to organize their garage with the tools that are required. And some people on their holidays wanting to be creative try out DIY tips and tricks. For sure the DIY tips and tricks are fun to do and they are also within one’s budget. 

The DIY tips and tricks are important since there are a lot of garage organizing tools that may be expensive for people who are having a rough budget. That is why here are some DIY tricks and tips that can help you to organize your garage just like how you want to. 

DIY tips and tricks 

Empty the garage 

Firstly, you need to empty the garage for calculating the accurate proportions. Only then you will be able to know where you may put the shelves and where you may make space for other bins and cabinets. 

To hide the clutter utilize DIY garage cabinets 

  • DIY garage cabinets are the best option if you want to hide your clutter and also keep it off of the floor.
  • Before mounting the cabinets make sure that they are not close to the car parking space since it will not be convenient.
  • Mounting the cabinets opposite the garage door will give you plenty of wall space. 

Install a Pegboard wall 

If your garage walls have exposed studs then installing a pegboard wall is the easiest and the cheapest option. Pegboards are perfect since they also require space behind them to attach to the wall. Pegboards are easily customizable and they are also the cheapest DIY garage storage idea. 

Install DIY overhead garage shelving 

You most probably have a lot of storage space in your garage than you realize. You just have to look up and utilize the wall space you have. Overhead garage shelving is very helpful for storing mechanical gears. You can mount these shelves easily and they are also easy and cheap to install. Installing overhead garage shelves saves you pretty much a lot of floor space which keeps your garage clean and organized. 

How can you store your tools?

For anyone, it is sure that keep your tools organized in the garage when you are organizing it otherwise your garage may still not look presentable and clean. 

  • Installing the magnetic wall strips will help you to keep your metallic tools stay stick to it. They are extremely convenient since the tools will be easier to find. 
  • Dedicating a separate section to the tools on the pegboard will make it more convenient for one. 
  • Saving the tools in the cabinets and labeling the boxes so that you know which tools you have stored in the boxes. 

How can you store and keep the ladder safe?

Ladders can easily get into the way of your car since they have large. If the ladder is lying on the floor it most likely will cause you accidents and will be very inconvenient. 

  • Build a storage ceiling rack since it will keep the ladder up from the floor. 
  • By using wall hooks you can keep the ladder vertically attached to the wall which saves up floor space and will prevent any incident that may take place. 

How can you store your bikes?

Storing bikes in the garage is one of the most important parts since you will have to use the bikes regularly or when you have vacations and want to go bike riding with your friends. 

  • Installing DIY bike storage racks
  • By using tape or a certain color for creating a parking zone for bikes. 
  • Using bike hooks and hanging them on the wall. 

How to maximize storage in a small garage 

Why do you need to maximize storage in a small garage?

Homeowners do not pay much attention to the garages since they are not so frequently visited places of the houses. But in reality, the garage holds most of the important household things. We can use the garage to store mechanical and domestic gears. All the household things that need to be stored in one place can always be found in the garage. 

If your garage is small and you have stored almost all of your mechanical and seasonal gears in there then your garage may have a messy and unorganized outlook and very less space will be left for your car to be parked. 

If you want to maximize your small garage storage space then we have some ideas that can help you to keep your clean and organized with maximum space. 

Install Garage Cabinets 

If your garage doesn’t have a cabinet system and you have been storing your tools and other things in boxes that are usually kept on the floor then it is the right time for you to install a cabinetry system in your garage. Cabinets are a must for every garage. Installing a decent cabinetry system in your garage will give you maximum storage space and an organized garage. 

Use wall organizers 

The walls of your garage are great for maximizing the storage space. Aside from garage cabinets, you can also install wall organizers since you can hang anything on them and it will help you keep the clutter off of the floor. This will help you to save floor space and will easy for you clean and will keep things visible for one.

Addition of ceiling storage

  • When you have no more wall space then you should utilize your overhead space. This will help you keep the things in order and visible which makes them easier to find. 
  • Install overhead-mounted racks so that you can have ceiling storage. 

This tends to be perfect for storing seasonal gears and they become easy to see and store. The addition of ceiling storage keeps the clutter away from the floor space. 

A folding working bench

If you or someone in your house uses the garage as a workplace, then installing a folding working bench is the best option. It will save some space and is also very convenient. You should opt for the wall-mounted folding working benches because they can be unfolded anytime you may have to sit and can be folded again when the work is done. 

Magnetic bars for small garage tool parts 

  • Install magnetic bars for storing metallic gears so that they can be found when you are in hurry to find them. 
  • While working you may have to put your keys somewhere, since the keys can get lost easily, stick them to the magnetic bar so that you can easily take them back after you are done. 

Tie the wires and keep them in one place 

  • If you have a lot of wires then they need to be tied up and kept in one place so that they do not cause any harm. Tying them with paper clips or zip ties can keep them in order. 
  • Keep them in one specific drawer so that you can find the wires easily at a certain place. 

Upgrade to hooks and pegboards

You can always use your wall space and they are the best solution when it comes to saving up space. Opt for racks and also use pegboards alongside them this will give your garage a clean and presentable look. You can also use hooks to hang some old keys and other things that come to your mind. 


How to organize your garage on a budget 

Why does your garage need to be organized?

In homes, the value of a garage is often neglected but they tend to play a very important role in our lives. Garages are merely used as someplace where you can store almost all of your seasonal and other gears. Surely, this place of the house is not given much attention unless when one has work to do. But who would like to store their things in a place which is messy and does not represent a clean environment? 

Of course, people like to store their things in places that are clean and will be safe. That is why the garage must be clean and organized. 

How can you organize your garage whilst having a budget? 

Those who have garages need some great tricks and tips on organizing their garages. These tips and tricks are mostly useful for those families who need help organizing bicycles, fishing rods, basketballs, and gardening tools along with other mechanical gears. Families usually have their garage filled with a lot of things. That is why we provide garage organizing tips that are within one’s budget. 

Garage organizing tips 

Organizing a garage may be hard if only one person is doing all the work. Because of this, you may feel stressed the garage may need a lot of things for creating storage for things. 

Here are some tips that one can use while organizing the garage. 

Wire shelving 

One of the easiest and small ideas for garage storage is utilizing wall-mounted shelves. With the help of wall-mounted shelves, you can easily maximize your garage storage space and also keep the clutter off of the ground which helps you with keeping your garage organized. These wire shelves are quite cheap and they are easy to set up. 

Vertical storage bins

To save floor space you may need storage bins. Stack the storage bins in a vertical position. This will save you floor space and will also keep your things in order. 

  • Put the bins in order so that they look organized. 
  • Label the bins with things that you have stored inside them. 

Overhead racks 

Overhead racks are pretty cheap to install in your garage. Having overhead racks in your garage will save you floor and wall storage space. Installing an overhead rack in your garage tends to provide a clear view of the things that you have positioned on it. 

Use of storage cabinets 

To cater to your storage requirements, you can opt for storage cabinets. The cabinets have become a need to store certain things inside them. There is nothing that can be compared to cabinets when it comes to providing convenience to store household items in them. The cabinets are manufactured sturdily so to ensure their long-term use and reliability. 

Install Wall-tool holder in garage 

If a lot of tools such as shovels, brooms, rakes, and other garden gears are cluttering your garage floor space but you do not have enough wall space to hang them, then you should try this. From ½-in plywood cut two 16 x 16 inches pieces. At a slight upward angle you need to screw them to a stud on the wall. Then you will be able to slide in your gears. 

Corner shelves in the garage 

In obvious spots, you already have a lot of storage shelves. But have you considered having shelves in the corner? The corner shelves in the garage are extremely convenient and they are easy to install on a budget. These corner shelves are perfect for storing every small item that may include:

  • Glue sticks. 
  • Waxes. 
  • Polishes. 
  • Certain oils and other things that you can store in them. 

These things often get lost on bigger shelves. That is why storing them on smaller shelves is the best option. 


What can I use for garage walls?

Why do you need to cover the garage walls?

Most often people ask why they need to cover their garage walls, the very answer for this is that you either need wall space or your garage is too dark and you want to lighten it up. Whereas, some homeowners may need to cover their garage walls since the market price of their home will eventually increase due to having a nice and presentable garage. 

A garage is a place that may sound like it is not a place that you can visit often in fact it is the place where you are storing most of your household gears and some business-related things. That is why you must have a garage that looks spacious and clean to you and the buyers. 

Options that you can utilize for garage walls 

For the interior walls of the garages, drywall is a common choice for everyone, but it may not be the option. The drywalls have a little impact on the resistance and it also lowers the moist resistance that can make your garage look untidy and a place where you may not want to store your things. After a few years, the interior walls of your garage may be full of holes and nicks, both may turn black. This will not only make you uncomfortable while storing gears but the market price of your home will also be affected. 

There are several options for you that you can utilize for your garage walls and make them usable for you. 

Use of mental panels 

The mental panels sure are expensive but if you are looking for garage walls that can provide you with a lot of benefits then investing in such things surely is worthy. 

  • They are fire resistant. 
  • The shiny look of the panels tends to brighten up the dark place.

Use of pegboards 

To keep the clutter off of the floor of your garage, the use of pegboards is the perfect option. The pegboards can also be used as walls. Or you can also put them on the top of the drywall with the aid of a furring strip. This tends to ensure that there is enough space for hooks to hang behind the pegboards. 

  • Measure the proportion where you will be hanging your certain gears. 
  • Outline the space that you have measured with the help of a permanent marker. 
  • Write the names of gears that you are going to hang so that you know where you are going to hang a certain gear. 

Use of slat-walls 

The slat-wall panels are made up of fiberboard of medium density. They look like vinyl siding a little and also tend to have overlapping layers that make them more convenient. The slats provide an opportunity for attaching the shelves, magnetic bars, and hooks easily. These panels can easily be attached to drywalls and wooden studs. 

Use of fiberboard

The most suitable type of garage wall is hardboard since it has different densities and the material required for it is wooden chips that can prove to be very strong, easy to install, and clean. It is a typical ¼-inch thick sheet. 

  • It has lightweight. 
  • It is easy to staple on the studs. 
  • It has a smooth surface which you can use for certain purposes. 

The thickness of the pegboards and the fiberboards are the same. If you are installing these on a layer of soundproof fiberboard then the noise that has been created in the garage will stay within the garage. 


Best Garage Cabinet System

Best Garage Cabinet System

Best Garage Cabinet System

Your garage is the multi-storage space of your house and by arranging it efficiently you can make it more useful for storing and arranging your numerous stuff without any hassle of finding it in spaces you have forgotten about. Most people are unaware of how to make their garage a useful place rather than a dump room with piles of clutter. Despite just parking your car or making it a messy outdoor room you can manage your garage space to store your seasonal gear, lawn tools, sports types of equipment, and more. 

For managing and storing all that, you need some best garage cabinet tips to make your garage look organized and useful. So next time when you need your tools or pieces of equipment, you can find them exactly where you left them. 

Things to consider before installing garage cabinets

There is a set of instructions you need to follow before installing a garage cabinet system. So you do not miscalculate the space for installing a cabinet system that doesn’t fit or makes it messier. 

  • You need to measure the walls and the space of your floor. 
  • Take a list of the inventory that is basic and necessary. 
  • Plan the zones for different types of tools and types of equipment according to cabinet sets. 
  • Keep things accessible by putting cabinets off the floor at an adjustable size. 

What garage cabinets you can choose?

To make your garage presentable and manageable there is a variety of garage cabinet systems to install in your garage. These cabinets in your garage work as aesthetics as well as a fine storage space to save your things in a tidy manner. Garage cabinets appear in multiple colors that you can also make customized. 

Wall-mounted garage cabinet

There are casters that allow you to move this tool-cabinet part around freely, even though the base is designed to be fixed in place on the wall. The worktop is made of stainless steel, so spills won’t stain it.

Free footing garage cabinets

There are various downsides to adopting free-standing cabinets for garage storage and organization. In order to clean beneath them and recover and restore items that are located on the ground, one must bend down. They may wobble a bit, but their height will allow you to put anything within, and they will be easy to shift about if you ever decide to completely redo your garage.

Overhead storage racks

There’s just one way to go from here: up, with shelves covering the walls and floors. In addition, Fleximounts’ Overhead Garage Storage Rack makes it simple to make the most of the ceiling space. There is a lot of storage space in the 8-foot-long and 4-foot-wide heavy-duty steel rack.

Rolling cabinets for garage

An ideal choice for a modest garage setup, this unit has several drawers, one storage cabinet, and a mobile work surface. Its 276-pound weight makes moving it a breeze, and its neutral color complements the majority of garage aesthetics.

How do garage cabinets assist you?

Garage cabinets are extremely useful for not just storing up your stuff but for the outlook of your garage.  They help you in providing;

  • A functional look to your garage
  • Save your space 
  • Make the cleaning easier

Wrapping up

To keep your garage a place where you can store as well as manage your stuff without any trouble and with high chances of not losing or rusting, installing a garage cabinet system is most recommendable. Garage cabinets are useful and convenient to use and keep your tools and types of equipment in place. 

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