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A guide to easy DIY garage organizers

Why do you need DIY ideas to organize your garage?

Some people may not have the budget to organize their garage with the tools that are required. And some people on their holidays wanting to be creative try out DIY tips and tricks. For sure the DIY tips and tricks are fun to do and they are also within one’s budget. 

The DIY tips and tricks are important since there are a lot of garage organizing tools that may be expensive for people who are having a rough budget. That is why here are some DIY tricks and tips that can help you to organize your garage just like how you want to. 

DIY tips and tricks 

Empty the garage 

Firstly, you need to empty the garage for calculating the accurate proportions. Only then you will be able to know where you may put the shelves and where you may make space for other bins and cabinets. 

To hide the clutter utilize DIY garage cabinets 

  • DIY garage cabinets are the best option if you want to hide your clutter and also keep it off of the floor.
  • Before mounting the cabinets make sure that they are not close to the car parking space since it will not be convenient.
  • Mounting the cabinets opposite the garage door will give you plenty of wall space. 

Install a Pegboard wall 

If your garage walls have exposed studs then installing a pegboard wall is the easiest and the cheapest option. Pegboards are perfect since they also require space behind them to attach to the wall. Pegboards are easily customizable and they are also the cheapest DIY garage storage idea. 

Install DIY overhead garage shelving 

You most probably have a lot of storage space in your garage than you realize. You just have to look up and utilize the wall space you have. Overhead garage shelving is very helpful for storing mechanical gears. You can mount these shelves easily and they are also easy and cheap to install. Installing overhead garage shelves saves you pretty much a lot of floor space which keeps your garage clean and organized. 

How can you store your tools?

For anyone, it is sure that keep your tools organized in the garage when you are organizing it otherwise your garage may still not look presentable and clean. 

  • Installing the magnetic wall strips will help you to keep your metallic tools stay stick to it. They are extremely convenient since the tools will be easier to find. 
  • Dedicating a separate section to the tools on the pegboard will make it more convenient for one. 
  • Saving the tools in the cabinets and labeling the boxes so that you know which tools you have stored in the boxes. 

How can you store and keep the ladder safe?

Ladders can easily get into the way of your car since they have large. If the ladder is lying on the floor it most likely will cause you accidents and will be very inconvenient. 

  • Build a storage ceiling rack since it will keep the ladder up from the floor. 
  • By using wall hooks you can keep the ladder vertically attached to the wall which saves up floor space and will prevent any incident that may take place. 

How can you store your bikes?

Storing bikes in the garage is one of the most important parts since you will have to use the bikes regularly or when you have vacations and want to go bike riding with your friends. 

  • Installing DIY bike storage racks
  • By using tape or a certain color for creating a parking zone for bikes. 
  • Using bike hooks and hanging them on the wall. 

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