At EncoreGarage, we think that the garage is an important part of your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township home. In fact, it’s often the first room you enter before entering your house. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of a holding place for long-forgotten items, it was a well-organized oasis that greeted you with calm after a long day at the office?

That’s where cabinets come in. In addition to being sturdy and dependable, they’re also versatile tools with valuable storage and organization potential, and that’s just the beginning. Check out our list of five reasons why you need garage cabinets:

1.Garage Cabinets Declutter

Cabinets Declutter the Garage

At their most basic function, garage cabinets help to declutter your garage. They do this by providing a place to store items; instead of leaving your kids’ baseball bats or your golf clubs leaning against a stray wall, put them in their place inside a custom-fit cabinet. This keeps items off the floor, leaving you with an open space with plenty of breathing room. You can also sort your equipment into categories, assigning a cabinet to each one, making it easier to find what you’re looking for later.

2.Garage Cabinets are Versatile

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your garage cabinets is to combine them with other forms of organization to create a personalized workspace that’s exactly what you need it to be. Alternate your cabinets with gridwall storage, and hang your rakes and brooms within reach, while keeping your gardening equipment and garbage bags tucked away.

3.Garage Cabinets are Multi-Functional

Multi-Functional Garage Storage

A well-organized garage is a great place to slip away for a few hours and get to work on your current project, whether you’re building, crafting, or doing something else. Install a personalized work bench and flank it on either side with custom-built cabinets and drawers for all your supplies. You can even hang slatwall storage above your workspace to keep smaller items like hammers and scissors within easy reach.

4.Garage Cabinets Decorate Your Space

Placing cabinets against the walls can create layers, and a sense of depth in your space, giving it an extra bit of texture that’s pleasing to the eye. Plus, with all the colors and styles that are available for garage cabinets, you can color-coordinate with an epoxy-based floor coating, in a multi-colored flake finish, to really spruce up the place.

5.Plenty of Garage Cabinet Options

Garage Cabinet Options

If you decide garage cabinets are the right solution for your needs, you’ll have plenty of options to choose. Our Signature Series cabinets, for example, are thermal-fused with melamine and provide a long-lasting investment with garage-grade construction. For a bold and attractive look, you can also choose Stainless Steel cabinets embossed with a classic pattern.

With several coating options—from Heritage Maple, to Autumn Cherry, to Stone Gray—and countertop options including Black Laminate and Butcher Block, you can create a garage that’s perfectly customized to you.

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