When it comes to revamping your garage, we know that you’ve got a lot of different items on your wish list. You’re going to want new cabinetry and an organizational system for all your tools and toys. However, flooring may be the most important.

The key to long-lasting, beautiful flooring is undoubtedly the coating. At EncoreGarage, we offer some great options to our Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township customers.

Don’t Stick with Garden Variety Floor Coatings

garage door epoxyThere was a time when the garage was considered little more than a storage space—a dirty, drab room where you’d house your car, tools, and little else. These days, however, the garage can be a stylish and sleek extension to the rest of your home.

In the old days, the garage floor was laid to take abuse. Concrete was the standard, and little was used to protect it. You might throw down some paint, tiles, or EVA foam, but over time, all these things would wear and stain. When they did, a costly replacement was due.

We want your floors to last, though, and we want them to last with a sense of style—that’s why we always use epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy doesn’t just serve as a top layer. It’s a glossy sealant that protects your flooring from wear, stains, and temperature changes. In our opinion, there’s no better coating for your garage floor.

Our Core Lineup of Garage Floor Coatings

One thing you can be sure of when working with our company is that our work is far from standard. We don’t just replicate what the next guy is doing. We innovate and improve upon those methods, finding ways to make them even better.

epoxy garage doorEpoxy is the crux of our different floor coating system. However, these finishes are so much more than just that. See for yourself below.

FLEX-CORE Flake Finishes

FLEX-CORE Flake Finishes are comprised of highly advanced protective polymers. This coating was designed to rebuff all the normal wear and tear your garage floor would incur, with a simple twist: it comes in a wide variety of eye-catching “flaky” color combinations.

Reflector Coating

Have you ever seen an acid-stained concrete floor before? They certainly look good, but they can be messy. Reflector coatings take that look, make things a tad stronger, and eliminate the excess mess.

They’re made with metallic epoxy and polyaspartic materials. The metallic pigments cover a black epoxy base to create a finish that is nearly 100% solid.

Solid Coating

The solid coating includes—you guessed it—a 100% solid two-component epoxy. There’s a pigmented base coat layer followed by a pigmented top coat, offering high levels of UV protection. This coating preserves your flooring with an aesthetically pleasing high-gloss shine.

Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Floor Coating?

We know that when the time comes to upgrade your garage floors, you’re going to want something that’s as long-lasting as it is attractive. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township homeowners will get with our floor coatings.

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