When taking the first step to remodel or “spruce up a garage”, the floor is usually the first to be considered for change. There are many different flooring options, but today we will discuss the difference between garage paint and Epoxy.

Let’s begin by stating what Epoxy is not. Epoxy is thought by many to be a form of paint, this is a common misconception. Epoxy is not paint. Many garage paints add a small amount of epoxy to increase durability because it makes them “thicker”. These flooring paints are usually advertised as Epoxy paints, thus leading consumers to believe they are purchasing an Epoxy product. In actuality, paint that is intended for a garage floor is primarily made of latex and acrylic. Paints that have added Epoxy as commonly referred to as 1- part Epoxy or Epoxy paints. Although there is Epoxy added to the paint, it is not an Epoxy floor.

Epoxy flooring is not paint, it is a resin. The resin is formed when it is mixed with a polymer hardener and undergoes a chemical process. Paint needs to dry after it is applied. Epoxy resin goes through an exothermic procedure of bonding and doesn’t dry, it cures. This process enables the material to become much thicker and more durable and bonds to all properly prepared floors. Paint will cover a floor, epoxy resin bonds to it.

Now that we have covered what they are and are not, what makes one better than the other? Paint will coat a floor whereas Epoxy will seal it and protect it. The decision to purchase one over the other is generally made when considering the type of protection you would need. The thickness of the Epoxy will assist in hiding any imperfections such as small cracks chips in the concrete. Paint will cover up concrete and give it a polished appearance, but more than likely will not cover up cracks or chips. Painting the floor is generally the most economical way for most DIY homeowners however it generally has to be redone over time. Paint can chip, flake and in some cases “bubble” if not applied properly or when exposed to moisture. Epoxy is a topical “coating” and as such is resistant to moisture. Both have the ability to brighten up the garage but Epoxy is resistant to water, staining, chemical penetration such as oils, brake fluid, and gasoline and much more.

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