Our Process for Providing Complete Garage Organization in NJ

Every Garage Should Have These- NJ Garage Company Shares The Scoop


As a successful owner-operated NJ Garage Company, we specialize in nothing but garages. We have transformed million dollar detached spaces to the average residential home on a budget, we literally do it all. Often we are asked:

What is the ONE Thing Every Garage Needs?

We firming stand behind the 3 main components required to finish off the space: cabinets, flooring and organizational units. However when forced to choose just one, we made a decision.

So what was the final outcome? Garage Cabinets

This may seem like a luxury item or something you feel you “just don’t need”, but we disagree. Much like a kitchen, the garage also needs a space where things can be neatly tucked away and organized. One of the biggest problems for homeowners is the ability to locate proper placement of their items- big and small. Our NJ garage cabinets come in many different materials and options, but all can be custom configured and installed.



custom garage interiors- cabinetsSignature Series: This line of industrial cabinetry comes in dozens of finishes and are built tough- with our Garage-Grade seal. This is our most affordable selection and also one of the most popular for residential homes on a tight budget. Keep in mind that even though they are affordable, they are still stronger than the majority of our competitors  and big box stores.






stainless-cabinetsStainless Series: When it comes to embossed metal laminates, this line will blow you away. The exterior features a sleek and sophisticated front with brushed stainless steel sides. All of our designs and layouts can be customized to meet your specific needs.






powdered coated nj garage cabinetsPowder Coated Series: The garage-grade tough core is complimented by our industrial powder coating fronts. This durable and stain resistant finish is a fantastic option for many garages throughout New Jersey, commercial and residential. We now offer more of a color selection than any other manufacturer, your options are virtually endless.






exotic metals and stainless steel cabinets

Exotic Metal Series: The name of this series alone is interesting: Exotic. This is the series that allows a custom garage to be truly customized. With a large selection of unique finishes and features, these cabinets have been called a work of art by some of our customers.





Finishing off, organizing or completing any area of your home can be one of the most rewarding things that you can do as a homeowner. We have been honored to represent residents and business owners throughout New Jersey and parts of New York. As an award winning NJ Garage Company, we make a commitment to deliver you superb service and high quality work/installation. Regardless of where you choose to start your project, we can help you along the way. We offer storage solutions such as overhead compartments, wall mounted organizational accessories and even hydraulic lifts and pulley systems. If you have have always wanted it, chances are, we do it! Take advantage of our FREE in-home evaluation and let us share with you some of the ways we can work together to perfect your home.

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