So, you’d like some help learning how to organize your home garage. That’s pretty understandable. Here at EncoreGarage, we’ve seen all the messes that you can imagine, trust us. The children’s bikes strewn across the floor, the power tools and the miscellaneous tools in all the wrong places, the flower pots on the ground, the pet supplies, the broken-down vehicles… It gets to be way too much after a while, right?

Don’t worry! If you live in Wall Township, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Farmingdale, NJ, we can help. We’ve organized plenty of garages in your area, garages that were once a mess and are now a shining beacon of luxury craftmanship and organization. Are you interested? If so, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Getting Your Garage Organized the Right Way

organize garageHere’s the bottom line: If you want to organize your home garage the right way, then you’re going to need the right equipment. Here’s an overview of some of the organizational tools that we can provide…

Pro Tip #1: Gridwall Garage Organizers

Here at EncoreGarage, we like to think of gridwall organizers as a simple, sensible option for garage wall organization. Each metal grid is 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall, and it allows you to hang accessories like hooks, shelves, baskets, loops, racks, and more. In other words, gridwall organizers allow you to totally customize your garage organization system to meet your unique needs. Contact us with any questions!

Pro Tip #2: Slatwall Garage Organizers

garage interiorOur team considers slatwall organizers to be a cost-effective, highly functional option for home garage organization. Here at EncoreGarage, we offer these sleek, versatile wall organization systems in six cool finish colors: Grey, White, Black, Taupe, Pine, and Cedar. We can make it work with any home garage!

Pro Tip #3: Overhead Garage Storage

We think that SafeRacks™ steel overhead garage storage racks are a high-quality, reliable solution for any organizational issues. One of these apparatuses could actually create up to 112 cubic feet of previously unused storage space! Best of all, they have the capacity to store 600 pounds, so they’re very, very safe.

Pro Tip #4: Garage Accessories

Last, but certainly not least, there are plenty of garage accessories that can make the path to organizing your car’s garage a lot simpler. We’ll list a few: an attic lift system, a ceiling mount bike lift, a firewood rack, a tire rack, a kayak hoist system, or even a good ol’ mesh basket. It doesn’t need to be so complex.

Are You Ready to Get Organized? Contact Us Today at EncoreGarage!

Don’t forget: Here at EncoreGarage, we’re here to help you organize your home garage. We’ll help you in whatever ways we can by providing high-end, custom garage services and installations all year round.

If you live in Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township, then we’re probably the only place to go for all your garage organization needs. Contact us today to schedule your 100% FREE consultation!