Top 3 Reasons Your Garage is a Mess – Garage Organization Systems to Fix it

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Tame the Top 3 Offenders  – Proven  Garage Organization Systems

EncoreGarage of NJ specializes in garage organization systems and solutions to your everyday needs. We all have room for improvement when it comes to the garage. It is our  goal to assist  you with achieving a well maintained and orderly space.  As NJ garage builders, we are experts in creating unique and creative ways to put things away. More importantly, we recognize the items that have a tendency to “take over” areas.

EncoreGarage of New Jersey offers cutting edge designs and high quality garage organization. Here we address some of the problematic areas in many NJ garages.



Fix Your Issues – Garage Organization Systems

Common Problem #1- Tools

Problem: Small, large, electric or hand powered, they all need a place. This seems to be the largest issue for many homeowners. We have found that there’s wasted time searching for things. To complicate matters even further, there is little time spent putting them away. Hammers, gardening items, nails, power screw drivers all need a place. Each is equally as important when you are in need of them.


Solution: Our team is experienced in garage organization. We are exceptionally skilled in slatwall and gridwall storage solutions. What is better than locating your tool by scanning the room? Bins, hooks and shelves give a neat and ordinary appearance. This also makes your life much easier. Although some DIY techniques may work, it does not address everything. Wall organizers take the lead in garage storage organization solutions.

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Common Problem #2- Holidays

Problem: The issue with the holidays is that they are…well, the holidays.  For many the decorations can become overwhelming, mostly when it ends. It was hard enough to put up the lights, jazz up the outside of the house and decorate the inside of the house. Now you have to put it all away? This typically does not end well. Things are thrown into bins, tossed into bags and boxes. Next year, you say. Next year you will find a place for it all.


Solution:  EncoreGarage of NJ suggests the overhead storage rack for the holidays. Sliding containers in and out is a breeze. These racks can generally hold up to 600 pounds.  Lifting, stacking and moving your holiday items over head is the perfect solution.

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Common Problem #3- Bikes

Problem: Bikes take up a lot of floor space. If you rely on the kick stands to hold the bike up, that takes up a lot of area. If you have a growing active family, recreational items can begin to take over the garage. Items such as baseball bags just add to the disorder. It is time you stop tripping over them. The days of having to move them outside to organize the garage are over. It’s time to get vertical.


Solution: Our main suggestion is actually simple. Get those bikes off the ground. There are many different systems out there and we install the highest grade products on the market. Pulley systems, wall hooks and vertical bike racks will literally transform your space.

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awardWith an emphasis on aesthetics as well as function, we pride ourselves on delivering a beautiful end result that fits each customers needs, style and budget. We offer endless choices to create your ultimate garage space. Our garage organization systems are constructed from high quality materials. They are durable, made with cutting edge accessories and products specific to garages. Choose from signature garage cabinets or epoxy and polyaspartic polymer garage flooring. We also offer durable wall storage accessories. Check us out on Facebook for the latest news and specials.



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