Garage Organization Company in NJ explains how getting HIGH can change your life.

As a professional garage organization company NJ, we know that there are many ways to increase your storage capabilities.  Many homeowners do not take into consideration all of the other beneficial interests attached to finishing a garage space and adding organizers. So, in this quick article we decided to share one of most creative ways that you can add storage while simultaneously enhancing your life.

How Organization Can Alter Your Mood

In a few short words, we have described the ways in which you can make a positive impact in your own home- quickly and easily. Many believe that staying organized and having a clean garage is just about appearances, here are a few other things you can come to expect:

  • Time wasted  becomes Time well spent
  • Can’t find things changes to Easy to Locate
  • Mess transforms to Tidy
  • Useless becomes Valuable
  • Disorganization magically Orderly
  • Clutter becomes Neat
  • Confusion converts to Clarity
  • Embarrassment grows into Pride
  • Hazardous is now Safe
  • Frustration shifts to Pleasure
  • Dangerous to Harmless


The Most Creative Way to Enhance and Increase Storage in the Garage 

One of the most challenging experiences is removing and storing the things that are on the floor. Bikes, tools, recreation equipment, large holiday décor and sports devices generally fit this bill nicely. However, as nice as it would be to remove them, they are hard to relocate simply because of their size. This does not stop some people from making the effort, however falls short of proper placement. When a homeowner tries to take on this task alone, there are generally no alternate solutions put in place and therefore these items are relocated- taking the place of something else. Move this here and put that there becomes the game; the one with no winner. In the end, the alternate plan becomes either inconvenient or unsafe and the item or device ends up back on the floor, after all of that. In other cases, the items are swapped out with another, leaving further confusion and unraveling of more tasks and disorganization.

Well- we have the answer; it’s time to GET HIGH! That’s right; you read that correctly, we want you to get high with Overhead Storage Racks. Seriously, if you are looking for a brilliant quick fix- this is it! Increasing your floor space not only gives you a visual appreciation for your garage, but it makes the room more enjoyable and efficient.


Our overhead racks have a 600 pound capacity- YES, 600 pounds! Here’s the outstanding part, by expanding your ability to store things on top of the rack, you can also attach hooks and utilize hanging accessories from underneath. Remember we discussed the issue with locating your large possession but could never find a safe and reasonable place to store them? Here it is!


They come in different sizes for your added convenience:

 sizes of overhead storage - garage organization company


If you are sick and tired of organizing the old fashioned way and getting nowhere, we suggest that you get high with one of our storage solutions. As the industry leader in the garage enhancement field, our company has been awarded multiple top shelf design awards. We only install high quality floor coatings, garage cabinets and organizers.