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This is not your standard garage company. In fact, we are the ONLY garage contractors in NJ known for exceptional design, installation and products.

We have assisted thousands of homeowners with the tedious task of converting their NJ garage space. Not only does the finished product look amazing, but it becomes a place of enjoyment and even relaxation once it is completed.

  • How often have you searched for something you knew you had- only to buy a new one?
  • Have you sorted through boxes and bins only to leave the area more of a mess?
  • Have you ever tripped over something while attempting to dislodge something?
  • Does moving something cause anxiety because things above may it fall down?
  • Are you having a hard time managing, sorting and keeping organized?
  • Do you feel that you could be a lot more productive is the space was set up properly?


These are common issues that many people face.  As specialized Garage Builders, our mission is to collaborate with you to construct and install the items that work best FOR YOU. Our team of designers have the experience to draft things from simple configurations to elaborate works of art, all based on your budget and personalized needs. Too often we see inexperienced laborers or do it yourself practices that end in poor quality work. In some cases work is done that could lead to dangerous conditions. We have witnessed countless bad choices of epoxy flooring, some that have lead to slips and serious injury. We’ve also removed our fair share of  low quality cabinets that were not secured properly. This type of installation could lead to significant damage if not corrected. The point is, our company  do not just design the best looking garage on the block; it should also be safe and last a lifetime!

Here are a few things that set us apart- Garage Contractors in NJ

cabinets - garage contractors in NJGarage Cabinets

We offer the largest selection of finishes than any other competitor. Our options include a full range of colors, textures and exotic metals with over 30 color combinations. We offer melamine, solid, wood grain finishes, stainless steel and many others. Our superior Line of garage cabinetry is backed by a LIFETIME Guarantee



Flooring Applications

Our extensive line of garage flooring coating consists of the most advanced polymers every developed and used in residential garages in NJ. There are never any solvents or fillers. The use of our advanced industrial resin guarantees a deep penetration that cures to your concrete. The flooring does not color, yellow or peel- leaving you with a perfect finish, like a showroom.


garage organization solutions NJGarage Organization Solutions

EncoreGarage of New Jersey can assist you in achieving the ultimate solution to your organizational needs, on a very personal level. After collaborating with you, we can perfect the space and transform your home garage into an area that you never knew existed. Our award winning team of professionals has extensive experience in establishing a well balanced residential configuration that meets your lifestyle and budget.



lifetimewarrantyWarranty backed quality products, not the type you may see in big box stores on a shelf. All of our applications, cabinets and organizational solutions are versatile. This allows for a personalized layout. Allow our custom designers and contractors convert your space into an efficient and elaborate space once and for all. Regardless of your hobby, profession or lifestyle, our innovative designs will blow your mind.


Contact us for a FREE in-home evaluation and allow us to show you what your home could actually look like.

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