flexcoreFlooring-Special-Page-HeaderDeveloped in cooperation with SIKA and other leading manufacturers, our exclusive FLEX-CORE coating products are the most advanced polymers ever developed for residential garage floors. Improve your garage floor coating with FLEX-CORE.

garage flooring njEpoxy

Epoxy is a tried and true polymer coating material that has been used in both commercial and residential applications for over 50 years. Epoxies have proven to bond better to concrete than moat any other polymer material. Our Epoxy garage floor coating system utilizes a clear Epoxy top coat with excellent UV resistance for long lasting durability. Epoxy provides a popular option for your NJ garage floor coating.

Polyaspartic FloorPolyaspartic

Polyaspartic polymers offer a distinct advantage over epoxies when it comes to the clear top coat layer of a decorative garage floor system in the form of complete UV stability. This means the floor will never yellow or amber from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Polyaspartic technology is and excellent option for your NJ garage floor coating.



Reflector flooring for the garage is a popular decorative flooring trend that utilizes standard epoxies and polyaspartics combined with specialized metallic pigments to create one-of-a-kind abstract floor finishes. There are dozens of metallic finish choices available. A metallic epoxy floor system is definitely an attention grabber. Reflector flooring is a popular option for your NJ garage floor coating.


Flake Finishes

Flake Finishes utilizes standard epoxies and polyaspartic polymers combined with special natural flakes that glisten with natural crystalline beauty. These unique flakes are derived from a group of sheet silicate minerals, called mica. These flooring systems provide a natural metallic luster that cannot be achieved with other engineered minerals. Micas flooring is a unique option for your garage floor coating.


Solid color epoxies and polyaspartics are available in several colors. The solid color system generally incorporates 2-3 layers of epoxy. However, they can also incorporate flake media to give the surface increased texture, thickness and wear protection. Solid color systems are the perfect choice for NJ garage floor coating customers looking for a non pattern look.