If you’ve been dreaming about renovating your garage, then our team at EncoreGarage is here to help.
We’re the folks who turn your wildest garage dreams into concrete realities. We’ve performed top-of-the-line garage customizations on plenty of homes in Wall Township, NJ, often installing high-quality floor coatingscabinetsorganizers, and more. Please reach out to us today with any questions.

More Info About Wall Township NJ

garage door insideWall Township, NJ, is a great place to live. It’s located in Monmouth County, and it’s home to approximately 26,000 people (per the 2010 United States Census). If you drive around for a bit, you’re bound to notice dozens upon dozens of luxury houses lining the streets. We’ve done work on tons of big-time garages, and we’re excited to see what we can do with yours. Keep reading for further info!

EncoreGarage: Our Dream Garage Services in Wall Township

Here’s what we’re capable of doing to transform your nightmare garage into the garage of your dreams.

Cabinets: Regardless of the look that you desire—signature series, embossed stainless, powder coated, exotic metal or laminate, etc.—we can make it happen. We’ll install custom-fitted garage cabinets that can turn even the messiest garage into an organization buff’s dream come true. And, don’t forget that everything we do is individually tailored to your needs, wants, budget, preferences, and situation.

Flooring: We’ll cover even the dingiest car garage floors with state-of-the-art FlexCore™ Eco Safe Advanced Industrial Polymers. With plenty of different finishes available—solid, reflector, epoxy, polyaspartic, flake, and more—we almost certainly have what you’re looking for.

garage interiorOrganizers: Last, but certainly not least, our team can set up a multitude of organizational systems for your dream garage. These are the perfect complements to your new cabinet and floor remodels.

  • SlatWall storage: attractive, functional, and available in six fully finished colors. Beautiful!
  • GridWall storage: extremely economical and available in 2-ft tall x 4-ft wide sections. OK!
  • Overhead storage: capable of supporting up to 600 pounds of gear, equipment, toys, etc.
  • Motorized solutions: car lifts, bike lifts, wall vacuums, and more motorized storage tech.

If you’d like to look through a gallery of our most recent projects, we encourage you to click on the Gallery tab on our website. Some of these garages might have been in Wall Township, NJ!

You’ll be able to browse through several examples of our garage makeover successes. If you find that you’re even more interested than you were before, you can click on the Specials tab to discover a few ways to save even more money on an already incredible deal. We’ve got you covered at EncoreGarage.

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