Hunterdon County is a famously historic area with some beautiful architecture. The Red Mill and Samuel Fleming House are two perfect examples, as is the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead.

If you want your house to stand out among these fine, historic buildings, then it needs to look pristine, inside and out. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to add your dream garage to your Hunterdon County, NJ home—a task EncoreGarage is more than happy to help with.

Organization is the Key to Your Hunterdon County NJ Dream Garage

Garage door houseWhen you want to transform your garage from an overcrowded storage unit into a cozy and functional room all its own, organization is truly the key. Once you find a way to remove all that clutter, you’ll have plenty of premium space to make use of.

Our team utilizes three key types of systems to help you optimize garage organization:

  • Slatwall Organizers
  • Gridwall Organizers
  • Overhead organizers

No matter which garage organizer you can choose, you can be certain that you’ll have total functionality. Each of these systems allows you the freedom to rearrange and expand with ease, putting you just one step closer to having a dream garage in your Hunterdon County, NJ home.

Need Any Other Accessories?

Our wall organizers are so much more than just a series of hooks and shelving. These storage systems are ready-made for a variety of other helpful accessories. You may want to add in a bike rack, fishing rod holder, or even a wine bottle rack. Trust us, these organizers are far more functional than you can imagine!

Added Storage with Garage Cabinets

double garageWhile our organizers allow homeowners the chance to hang items on the wall, you may prefer to stow certain equipment away in cabinets. And we’re more than happy to install those for you too.

Our garage cabinets range from stainless steel to classic woodgrain finishes, depending on your tastes. These will grant you just another avenue for organizing and decluttering your dream garage.

Sleek & Enduring Flooring

Once you’ve opened up all that floorspace, don’t you think you ought to revamp that, too? Standard concrete floors have many drawbacks. They’re cold, can crack and stain over time, and tend to have a dingier look. Epoxy floor coating, on the other hand, always looks smooth and sleek.

Our epoxy floor coatings were made to last. They act as a glossy sealant over your flooring, protecting it from the elements, harsh chemicals, and time itself. And they look great to boot!

Your Hunterdon County NJ Dream Garage is Closer than You Think

While you might think that dream garage for your Hunterdon County, NJ home is a bit of a stretch, the EncoreGarage team is here to show you it’s far easier to come by than you think. With a bit of organization, cabinetry, and treated flooring, your garage will be a real treasure.

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