Custom garage interiors consist of the professional design and installation of wall to ceiling organizational products, garage grade cabinets and epoxy concrete floor coating and so much more. We recognize that organizing this space can be very overwhelming for many, so we get you started on the right path by sharing the 3 main components that make an immediate difference.


Flooring Coating and Applications

Depending on your lifestyle, budget, recreational uses and needs- your flooring selection should be carefully evaluated. Many homeowners believe that a concrete epoxy flooring coating is a one-size-fits all type of situation, but that could not be any further from the truth. In some cases, this type of floor could even be dangerous. For example (depending on the climate and use of the space) coating a floor with a smooth paint may be attractive in appearance, however when wet- can be extremely slippery and dangerous. Our professional team members come out to your home to discuss goals, lifestyle and personal requests before recommending the appropriate flooring solution for you.

Gridwall, Slatwall & Wall Organizers

Floor to ceiling installations could be the difference between a one or two car garage. What do we mean by that? Often we walk into a home and quickly realize that more than half of the space is taken up by things that are on the floor. In many cases it is simply congested with storage and recreational items that have no alternative but to sit on the floor. Grid wall and slat wall (depending on your preference) can be one of the most affordable and innovative ways to lift your valuables up. Not only will this make it easier to locate and identify what you need- but it also aids in extending the duration of their useful life. Many times when things are left on the ground, they decay, mold or rust because of environmental exposure. We install solutions for every possible hobby, need and work space by lifting and organizing things using the largest resource available- the walls.

Cabinetry and Closets

Our designers will evaluate your current space and recommend custom interiors and accessories that are best for you. These include items such as cabinets, work stations and closets which will maximize your overall efficiency and use of the area. In many cases these additions enhance the living square footage of the home by offering additional space that once existed inside. Not only will you gain space, but the look of the room can be greatly enhanced depending upon the selection of finish in which you choose. We offer a full range of options from various colors of wood grain, stainless steel cabinets, laminate and exotic metals. Start imagining the garage of your dreams!


Our innovation and experience can deliver and transform your space from ordinary storage to a showroom quality efficient area. We work to enhance your organization, custom build work stations, install high quality cabinets and quality flooring solutions that all fit within your personal budget.Our award winning team will design and install the most efficient and attractive custom garage interiors that fit in your budget. Contact us for a free professional in-home consultation TODAY.