commercial garage floor paint NJ


Do not attempt Do-it-Yourself Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ

This post is a brief overview on the topic of DIY Commercial garage floor paint NJ.  Garage floor applications should be left to the professionals and we will share with you why. A thorough inspection is one of the keys to a perfect garage floor installation. There are 4 key elements that must be considered. The 4 things are:

  1. Condition of garage floor
  2. Environmental conditions
  3. Intended use
  4. Budget


Without evaluating these, it is not possible to determine the best product. You must decide which is right for you, your budget and your garage.  Many homeowners make a selection based solely on appearance and price. Although this seems logical, at times it can be dangerous. For instance, applying high gloss garage floor paint is appealing to many people. This selection seems easy, affordable and looks great, but looks can be deceiving.  This type of commercial paint is not recommended in the garage in our region. When exposed to liquids and damp conditions, an injury is imminent.  Imagine pulling a car into the garage after a snow or rain storm and stepping onto a high gloss floor?


Although it may look good, it can be extremely hazardous!

EncoreGarage offers an extensive selection of garage flooring. Do not guess which one is best for you, leave that to the best New Jersey Garage Builder and specialists in the field.



If you are looking for lasting quality results, this is not something to attempt yourself.  Many businesses and homeowners feel that it is cost-effective to use DIY applications. This is in fact, a myth

If it seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

Quick garage floor transformations that are available from big box stores fit perfectly with this statement. They seem like a great idea at the time, but we do not recommend it.

Why DIY garage floor applications are too good to be true

For starters, many steps are missed and done incorrectly. This means that the product will not adhere properly. Initially, the floor paint may be affordable and look good, but is more costly in the long run. . Over the course of a short period of time, chips and signs of wear will begin to appear. Making repairs to these imperfections is virtually impossible. The next step would be to remove the application and completely refinish the floor. The affordable commercial grade flooring has now tripled in cost.


Call in the specialists – Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ

Our experienced professionals will guide you and assess the best flooring solution to meet your needs. There are many applications to choose from. We consider your needs as well as your financial allowance. Our job is to deliver you the highest quality product that also fits in your budget.  This is the type of decision that can be become overwhelming, but our team is well versed and experienced in this field. This is all that we do. When it comes to commercial garage floor paint NJ- we are award winners.