Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ | Important Tips New Jersey Garage Builder

Do not attempt Do-it-Yourself Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ
This post is a brief overview on the topic of DIY Commercial garage floor paint NJ.  Garage floor applications should be left to the professionals and we will share with you why. A thorough inspection is one […]

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Every Garage Needs These- NJ Garage Company

Every Garage Should Have These- NJ Garage Company Shares The Scoop

As a successful owner-operated NJ Garage Company, we specialize in nothing but garages. We have transformed million dollar detached spaces to the average residential home on a budget, we literally do it all. Often we are asked:
What is the ONE Thing Every Garage Needs?
We firming stand behind […]

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5 Tips to Organize Your Garage: Organizational Solutions – NJ Garage Company


One of the biggest things that hold homeowners back from attempting to finish off the garage: lack of organization. NJ Garage Company lays out a simple 5 step plan that will whip your space into shape in no time.


Begin by going through the items that you are currently storing (or using) and sort it […]

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Enhance your garage with these 3 improvements- NJ Garage Builders

Custom garage interiors consist of the professional design and installation of wall to ceiling organizational products, garage grade cabinets and epoxy concrete floor coating and so much more. We recognize that organizing this space can be very overwhelming for many, so we get you started on the right path by sharing the 3 main components […]

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Welcome to Encore Garage

We are an award winning garage organization and enhancement company. Since 2004, we have been specializing in garage flooring and garage cabinets throughout New Jersey.

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What is the difference between Garage Floor Paint and Epoxy?

When taking the first step to remodel or “spruce up a garage”, the floor is usually the first to be considered for change. There are many different flooring options, but today we will discuss the difference between garage paint and Epoxy.

Let’s begin by stating what Epoxy is not. Epoxy is thought by many to be […]

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Garage Design Tips: Powder Coated Cabinets

There are many benefits to installing powder coated cabinets in your garage. First let us start off by explaining how the process is done.

The coating on the surface is actually fused to MDF wood (a thicker and more durable wood). This method creates a seamless and unbelievably durable cabinet. Because of this thick layer of […]

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Utilize Your Garage, Stop Taking It For Granted

A garage is majority of times taken for granted from homeowners. The area where you put your car, use as your workshop, office or for recreational purposes should deserve upgrades for comfort. A few items you can upgrade are flooring, cabinets, organizers and garage doors. Luckily, many New Jersey garage builders take their profession seriously […]

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5 Helpful Tips for “Garage Clean Out Day”

Many of us are in need of a garage “clean out day”, however one of the biggest obstacles that homeowners face when it comes to organization is: Where to Start?

5 Simple Tips That Will Get You Organized
Sort and Separate
Separate your things into classifications, for example, auto supplies, garden and arrangement instruments, seasonal/holiday embellishments, and games […]

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4 Affordable Changes That Will Change Your Garage Space

As you already know, there are literally hundreds of different ways you can alter and renovate your current garage space. Most homeowners come to the crossroads and get “stuck” when it comes to deciding what style of conversion or design they would like. Because of this, many begin by cleaning it out, organizing and then […]

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