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Garage Cabinet Company – Enhancing Your Space – EncoreGarage of New Jersey

EncoreGarage is so much more than a garage cabinet company in NJ

High Quality Garage Cabinet Company
As a custom home organization specialist, we offer more than average cabinets you see at a store. Offering the finest quality garage-grade cabinets in NJ, there is no competition. What we do is more like dream garage building. We can create a […]

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Top 3 Reasons Your Garage is a Mess – Garage Organization Systems to Fix it

Tame the Top 3 Offenders  – Proven  Garage Organization Systems
EncoreGarage of NJ specializes in garage organization systems and solutions to your everyday needs. We all have room for improvement when it comes to the garage. It is our  goal to assist  you with achieving a well maintained and orderly space.  As NJ garage builders, we are […]

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Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ | Important Tips New Jersey Garage Builder

Do not attempt Do-it-Yourself Commercial Garage Floor Paint NJ
This post is a brief overview on the topic of DIY Commercial garage floor paint NJ.  Garage floor applications should be left to the professionals and we will share with you why. A thorough inspection is one […]

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EncoreGarage of New Jersey is Ranked Top Garage Contractor NJ

EncoreGarage of New Jersey is ranked top Garage Contractor NJ – providing high quality custom flooring and organization systems

EncoreGarage of New Jersey is an award winning Garage contractor NJ. This company sets a very high standard in garage design quality products. Currently redesigning serving  NJ, Staten Island and parts of PA, EncoreGarage is the top […]

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Finishing Your Garage? The BEST Garage Contractors in NJ

Work with the BEST Garage Contractors in NJ
This is not your standard garage company. In fact, we are the ONLY garage contractors in NJ known for exceptional design, installation and products.

We have assisted thousands of homeowners with the tedious task of converting their NJ garage space. Not only does the finished product look amazing, but it […]

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Every Garage Needs These- NJ Garage Company

Every Garage Should Have These- NJ Garage Company Shares The Scoop

As a successful owner-operated NJ Garage Company, we specialize in nothing but garages. We have transformed million dollar detached spaces to the average residential home on a budget, we literally do it all. Often we are asked:
What is the ONE Thing Every Garage Needs?
We firming stand behind […]

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Get HIGH with this Creative Storage Idea- Garage Organization Company NJ  

Garage Organization Company in NJ explains how getting HIGH can change your life.
As a professional garage organization company NJ, we know that there are many ways to increase your storage capabilities.  Many homeowners do not take into consideration all of the other beneficial interests attached to finishing a garage space and adding organizers. So, in this […]

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5 Tips to Organize Your Garage: Organizational Solutions – NJ Garage Company


One of the biggest things that hold homeowners back from attempting to finish off the garage: lack of organization. NJ Garage Company lays out a simple 5 step plan that will whip your space into shape in no time.


Begin by going through the items that you are currently storing (or using) and sort it […]

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Let’s talk about Garage Floors- which is best? New Jersey Flooring Coating


The top 3 common questions relating to New Jersey flooring coating (for garages)

What is the best choice of application for my garage?
How do I locate a company that specializes in this?
How much does it cost to re-finish or coat the floor in my garage?


Many homeowners have the desire to complete or finish their garage, but […]

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Enhance your garage with these 3 improvements- NJ Garage Builders

Custom garage interiors consist of the professional design and installation of wall to ceiling organizational products, garage grade cabinets and epoxy concrete floor coating and so much more. We recognize that organizing this space can be very overwhelming for many, so we get you started on the right path by sharing the 3 main components […]

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