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Has your garage been feeling a bit cluttered lately? If you’re looking to free up some space and give the room a fresh look, the answer isn’t just to sell off your things. All you really have to do is reorganize.

When Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township homeowners need assistance reorganizing their garage, they can always […]

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Taking Your Garage to the Next Level with Car Lifts

While you already know that your garage is a protective place to park your car at night, did you know that you could take it one step further with a car lift? Car lifts not only keep your car safe, but they increase the space in your garage, as well!
Our team at EncoreGarage is happy […]

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The Most Convenient Bike Racks for Your Garage

Bikes: they’re fun to ride, but a little hard to store. Stashing them away in the garage is always a good option; however, they can take up a lot of much-needed space. Nevertheless, there are a few highly convenient bike racks available for your Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, or Wall Township garage.
At EncoreGarage, we’re all about […]

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Get Your Dream Garage for Your Hunterdon County NJ Home

Hunterdon County is a famously historic area with some beautiful architecture. The Red Mill and Samuel Fleming House are two perfect examples, as is the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead.

If you want your house to stand out among these fine, historic buildings, then it needs to look pristine, inside and out. In order to achieve this, you’ll need […]

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Reorganize Your Garage with Overhead Storage

The most common problem that Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Wall Township homeowners seems to face with their garages is clutter. It doesn’t take long for this otherwise functional room to fill up with an excess of gear, vehicles, and knick-knacks.

If you’re looking to refresh your garage, reorganization is the key. And overhead storage may be […]

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Which Garage Floor Coating is the Best Choice for Your Garage?

When it comes to revamping your garage, we know that you’ve got a lot of different items on your wish list. You’re going to want new cabinetry and an organizational system for all your tools and toys. However, flooring may be the most important.

The key to long-lasting, beautiful flooring is undoubtedly the coating. At EncoreGarage, we […]

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage?

If you’re looking to give your old garage a makeover, one of the first steps may be to upgrade your flooring. While fresh, new concrete can make a stark difference, it doesn’t take long for it to wear and become a real eye-sore.

At EncoreGarage, we have a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing alternative for our Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy […]

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Garage Store near Me

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re looking for a garage store near Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Wall Township, or any of the surrounding New Jersey communities, then you’ve found it with EncoreGarage. We specialize in custom garage remodeling, flooring, and installations for homes just like yours. Awesome!

We’re the folks who’ll turn your dream garage into a […]

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Get Your Dream Garage near Wall Township NJ

If you’ve been dreaming about renovating your garage, then our team at EncoreGarage is here to help.
We’re the folks who turn your wildest garage dreams into concrete realities. We’ve performed top-of-the-line garage customizations on plenty of homes in Wall Township, NJ, often installing high-quality floor coatings, cabinets, organizers, and more. Please reach out to us today with […]

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How to Organize Your Home Garage

So, you’d like some help learning how to organize your home garage. That’s pretty understandable. Here at EncoreGarage, we’ve seen all the messes that you can imagine, trust us. The children’s bikes strewn across the floor, the power tools and the miscellaneous tools in all the wrong places, the flower pots on the ground, the […]

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