One of the biggest things that hold homeowners back from attempting to finish off the garage: lack of organization. NJ Garage Company lays out a simple 5 step plan that will whip your space into shape in no time.



Begin by going through the items that you are currently storing (or using) and sort it by classification. Examples of the most popular categories:

  • nj garage company 1Automotive
  • Holiday
  • Seasonal Outdoor
  • Seasonal Indoor
  • Tools
  • Gardening
  • Chemicals – powder or liquid
  • Recreational
  • Sporting Equipment




There are items that NJ Garage Companyshould always be out of reach of children or in danger of spilling. Create a zone specific to placement of hazardous materials, liquids or gases first. This will ensure that you have the room to keep all of them together before moving forward. One of biggest hazards in the garage is accidental spills, burns, inhalants and even explosions.

After you have identified an area or zone, identify the best possible garage accessories for the remaining materials or items. Feel free to gather some storage inspiration by browsing through these Garage Wall Organization Systems.





Getting things lifted up off of the floor is one of the best things that you can do to improve the functionality of your area. Believe it or not, even the largest of items can go vertical. Challenge yourself and try to imagine your area with the placement of overhead racks, hooks, and things lifted up off of the floor.  If you can safely hang it, do it.




Staying organized, regardless of the area of your home, often means putting things in containers.  You may find that tidying up is simple with the use of wall mounted bins, hooks, shelves and mesh compartments. It is a known fact that when things can be identified at an eye level, it is far easier to locate. Slat wall is a great solution for those who have a plentiful supply of things that may be small and easy to lose. It is fairly simple to hang and arrange common items such as tools, nails/screws, sporting equipment, balls or general workshop materials and components. In fact, there is not much of anything you can NOT contain, so get creative. Click here to view Slatwall Organizers for some ideas of what you can use it for.





download (1)If you have not used it in over a year, chances are you will not have a need for it in the future. Create an area for the items that you may or may not have any need for in the future. Carefully examine whether or not it is worth listing them for sale, if not, consider donation. For some, there may be personal attachments to items and they find them hard to part with. Gifting the items to a friend or family member may be a great solution for those who have a hard time letting go.  This could be a great alternative because if you find that you may need the item in the future, you could always borrow it back. In the event that you prefer to sell your items, who knows how much money you could make!





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