Guess what? June is Garage Door Safety Month! That’s right. It’s that time of the year when you should check to make sure that your home garage is as safe as possible. But, luckily, you’ll have a bit of help.

Our team at EncoreGarage wrote this official guide to the top five tips for Garage Door Safety Month to help our friends in Wall Township, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Farmingdale, etc. Basically, if you live in New Jersey, then we’re the place to go for all your luxury garage needs. Drop us a line with any questions!

Tip #1: Don’t try to make it under the door as it’s closing!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised just how many people seriously injure themselves each year while trying to pull this type of stunt.

When it comes to dangerous games like this, the most important thing is to keep an eye on your kids, as they’re usually the ones who attempt to slide under before it shuts.

Additionally, you should consider a garage door safety sensor. Here at EncoreGarage, we regularly install custom safety sensors for families all over New Jersey.

Tip #2: Keep your hands and feet clear of all joints and tracks.

Many a finger and toe have been lost to the various moving parts of an automatic garage door. In fact, there are about 7,000 such incidents per year! Don’t let this be you. Keep your hands and feet far away.

Tip #3: Take care of any broken glass before somebody gets hurt.

We all know how it goes: Your kids are playing in the yard, having a fun time, until somebody smacks a baseball or kicks a soccer ball right into the garage window.

Of course, you’re not angry. You probably fondly remember doing the same exact thing when you were young. However, that doesn’t mean it’s something you should put off until later.

Have an expert fix that window before somebody gets cut; our EncoreGarage technicians can help.

Tip #4: Don’t try to repair or alter your garage door yourself.

These days, it seems like everybody loves do-it-yourself projects. But, trust us: Your garage isn’t the type of place to carry out DIY activities! That brings us to our fifth and final tip…

Tip #5: Always hire a professional to do any work on your garage.

Whenever there’s something amiss with your garage, your garage door, your garage floor, etc., call a pro. It’s one of the best decisions that you can make.

Here at EncoreGarage, we’re happy to celebrate Garage Door Safety Month, and we’re happy to help you with anything that you need. Whether it’s the garage door, a window, the floor coatings, cabinets, organizers, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with us at EncoreGarage, and we’ll answer all your questions!

If you’d like some further information about any of these garage door safety tips, simply reach out to us at Encore Garage: the leaders in garage enhancement. We’re here to help our friends in Farmingdale, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Wall Township, and the surrounding New Jersey communities. Contact us for your free in-home consultation today!